Professor Wong Koi Nyen

Professor Wong Koi Nyen

  • Associate Dean (Education) and Professor
Department of Economics & Finance


Professor Wong Koi Nyen’s service as a lecturer in economics with Sunway University (formerly is known as Sunway College) dates back to 1996, when it had a twinning arrangement with Monash’s Faculty of Business and Economics offering Bachelor degrees in Commerce and Economics. Subsequently (in 1998), he served the School of Business at Monash University Malaysia for 13 years before returning to her sister institution, Sunway University, in 2011. Koi Nyen is Associate Dean and Professor of Economics with Sunway University Business School, and is attached to the Department of Economics and Finance. His research publications can be found in and

Academic & Professional Qualifications

DBA, Charles Sturt University, (2006)
MEc, Monash University, (1991)
BEc, Monash University, (1989)

Research Interests

  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • International Trade
  • Productivity Analysis

Teaching Areas

  • Economics

Notable Publications

2023 -

Goh, S.K., Wong, K.N., Ayupp, K., and Lai, Y.W. Income inequality, income growth and government redistribution in Malaysia: What do we know in the long run? Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies, 60(1), 69-97. 

2023 -

Goh, S.K., Wong, K.N., McNown, R. and Chen, L.J. Long-run consequences of Taiwan’s aging labor force: An analysis of policy options, Journal of Policy Modeling, 45(1), 121-138. 

2023 -

Goh, S.K., Wong, K.N. and McNown, R. (First published: 29 March 2023). Macroeconomic effects of demographic change: From the perspective of China’s urbanization, The World Economy.

2023 -

Wong, K.N., Tan, B.W and Goh, S.K. A nexus between intra-ASEAN outward FDI, intra-ASEAN exports and economic growth of ASEAN-10: Evidence using panel causality analysis, Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration, 15(4), 489-508.

2021 -

Rifai, A., Wong, K.N. and Goh, S.K. Is village-level microfinance beneficial at the community, enterprise and household levels? A case study from Indonesia, International Journal of Business and Society, 22(3), 1508-1524.

2020 -

Dogan, E. and Wong, K.N. . Sources and channels of international knowledge spillovers in ASEAN-5: The role of institutional quality, Journal of International Development, 32(4), 470-486.

2020 -

Goh, S.K., McNown, R. and Wong, K.N. . Macroeconomic implications of population aging: Evidence from Japan, Journal of Asian Economics, 68(C), 1011198.

2019 -

Rifai, A., Goh, S.K. and Wong, K.N. . Advancing rural microfinance through local government: Social commitment and financial sustainability, Journal of Sustainability Science and Management, 14(6), 117-129.

2018 -

Tan, B.W., Wong, K.N. and Goh, S.K. . The surge in intra-ASEAN outward foreign direct investment and its key determinants: Evidence using pooled mean group approach, International Journal of Business and Society, 19(2), 347-362.

2018 -

Tham, S.Y., Goh, S.K., Wong, K.N. and Fadhli, A. . Bilateral export trade, outward and inward FDI: A dynamic gravity modelling approach using sectoral data from Malaysia, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 54(12), 2718-2735.

2018 -

Goh, S.K., Wong, K.N. and Yew, C.L. . Are merchandise exports and FDI inflows an engine of growth for ASEAN-10 countries? New evidence using the pooled mean group estimation method, Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research, 12(4), 414-430.

2017 -

Dogan, E., Wong, K.N. and Yap, M.M.C. . Vertical and horizontal spillovers from foreign direct investment: Evidence from Malaysian manufacturing, Asian Economic Papers, 16(3), 158-183.

Achievements & Accolades

2015 -

The Best Professor in Management & Economics, The Golden Globe Tigers Awards – Education Leadership, .

2013 -

The Best Professor in Management & Economics, Asia's Best B-School Awards, in association with the World Education Congress, CMO Asia and the CMO Council.

2009 -

Outstanding Paper Award at the Literati Network Award for Excellence for paper entitled “The effects of exchange rate variability on Malaysia's disaggregated electrical exports”, that was recently published in Journal of Economic Studies.

2008 -

PVC’s Award for Excellence in Research , Monash University, Malaysia.

2008 -

Department of Economics Teaching Award , Monash University, Australia.