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School Representatives

School of Arts (SOA)
DepartmentProgrammeConvocation Committee Representative(s)
Department of CommunicationAll 

Carolyn Maria Lee May Ling

03-74918622 (Ext. 7586)


Department of Art, Design & MediaAll

Zaimatul 'Azian Kamarazaman

03-74918622 (Ext. 7379)


Department of Film & Performing ArtsBA (Hons) Digital Film Production

Mabel Chong Siew Lian

03-74918622 (Ext. 7391)



BA (Hons) Contemporary Music (Audio Technology)

BA (Hons) Music Performance

Lydyaty Stephenie

03-74918622 (Ext. 7581)


School of Medical and Life Sciences (SMLS)
DepartmentProgrammeConvocation Committee Representative(s)
Department of Biological SciencesAll

Regina Saminathan

03-74918622 (Ext. 7386)


Department of PsychologyAll

Angie Chin Chia May

03-74918622 (Ext. 7383)


Department of NursingAll

Noor Intan Fazliana Mohd Fu'ad

03-74918622 (Ext. 7384)


Department of Medical SciencesAll

Nurul Huda Abdul Rahman

03-74918622 (Ext. 7387)


School of Engineering and Technology (SET)
DepartmentProgrammeConvocation Committee Representative(s)

Christine Chong Ai Ping

03-74918622 (Ext. 7254)


School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS)
DepartmentProgrammeConvocation Committee Representative(s)

Vanessa Tung

03-74918622 (Ext. 7640)


School of Hospitality and Service Management (SHSM)
DepartmentProgrammeConvocation Committee Representative(s)

Mah Li Ling

03-74918622 (Ext. 7237)


Sunway Business School (SBS)
DepartmentProgrammeConvocation Committee Representative(s)

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Global Supply Chain Management

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in International Business

Carmen Siah Jia Wen

03-74918622 (Ext. 7261)



Bachelor of Science (Hons) Business Studies

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Marketing

Ting Chiu Mei

03-74918622 (Ext. 7259)



Bachelor of Science (Hons) Financial Analysis

Bachelor of Science (Hons) Financial Economics

Jayne-Anne Cheah Kar Sien

03-74918622 (Ext. 7669)


 Bachelor of Science (Hons) Business Management

Koay Si Ming

03-74918622 (Ext. 7262)


 Bachelor of Business Analytics (Hons)

Teh Rou Miin

03-74918622 (Ext. 7680)


 Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Accounting and Finance

Wong Chin San

03-74918622 (Ext. 7687)



Master of Marketing

Master of Human Resource Management

Master of Business Analytics

Doctor of Philosophy (Business)

Farah Iryanie Zaruddin

03-74918622 (Ext. 7607)


Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development

Master in Sustainable Development Management


Kavitha Ambigabadi
03-74918622 (Ext. 7632)


03-74918622 (Ext. 7655)


Revathi Anamalay 
03-74918622 (Ext. 7673)
Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast AsiaMaster in Public Policy