Alumni and Careers & Employability

Alumni and Careers & Employability

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Sunway Alumni Community

Congratulations and welcome to the Sunway Alumni Community!


You are now joining the ranks of more than 50,000 alumni that embody the Sunway Alumni network.

We trust that you have had a wonderful time studying here at Sunway, and we want you to know that those joyous times need not come to an end. The Sunway Alumni Relations team keeps you connected with the University and your classmates! We aim to ensure Sunway remains an educational support and networking resource for the rest of your life. As you move on to bigger and better things, we hope you will be proud to carry a little Sunway with you.


What We Do:
  • Offer you exclusive invites to events and workshops
  • Organise entertaining networking opportunities for you
  • Provide opportunities for collaboration on your ideas
  • Celebrate and publicise your achievement and successes
  • Value your engagement by giving you special privileges and benefits

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Careers & Employability

 We are here for you!


The Sunway Career Centre is your one-stop source for advice on your professional future; our goal is to equip and support students as you navigate through your career pathway on campus through different resources, avenues and counsel.


What We Do:
  • To provide career guidance to students regarding their career development pathway and to help them at different junctures they may be at in this career journey on campus.
  • To provide students with the latest and relevant contacts and information regarding employability and employers.
  • To conduct relevant training, workshops and activities that help students become more aware, equipped and empowered towards their career and employability goals.


We hope to support you in different ways possible as you explore your career pathway and strive towards your ambition. Visit us at our office in the Student LIFE Centre!

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