What happens if me or my guest(s) do not have a wristband before entering Sunway Lagoon via Sunset Terrace Entrance or The Villas Entrance?

All graduates and guests are compulsory to wear wristbands to enter Sunway Lagoon.
Please ensure that you pass the wristbands to your guest(s) in advance of the event.

Are wristbands and E-tickets different?

Yes—wristbands are required to enter Sunway Lagoon from both Entrance, while E-tickets are for graduates and guests who have purchased the digital tickets to enter the Amphitheatre for Convocation Ceremony.

Can I get a refund of the E-tickets/Wristbands?

E-tickets/Wristbands are non-refundable, non-transferable, non-replacaeble and not for resale. E-tickets/wristbands cannot be used at the next set of ceremonies and payment cannot be carried over to subsequent ceremonies.

I forgot to bring/save or did not receive an E-ticket. What should
I do?

Please proceed to register at Level 1, Lagoona Terrace, and our friendly marshall will assist your registration for attendance.

How long is the Convocation ceremony?

The ceremony will last approximately 2 hours.

How do I enter the Amphitheatre?

You can enter Sunway Lagoon from either the Sunset Terrace entrance or The Villas entrance, please refer to the Arrival page for more information. You CAN NOT enter Sunway Lagoon from the main entrance.

Once you have arrived at Sunway Lagoon, please proceed to Lagoona Terrace to register yourself.

Can I purchase additional tickets for my extra guests to enter

Once registration for tickets is closed, no additional tickets will be available for sale on the day of the ceremony. Each graduate is only entitled to invite a maximum of 2 guests. Guests who are not entering the Amphitheatre may also watch the proceedings via live streaming from the Lagoona Terrace, located outside the Amphitheatre. However, should you require more than two (2) guest tickets to enter Amphitheatre, please contact your school representatives. The request for additional tickets will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on availability.

Where do I sit?

Graduate seats are numbered according to the order of award presentation.
Kindly refer to your seat number as reflected on the call card. Guests may sit on any chair without stickers.