Meet the Dean

Meet the Dean

Professor Ho Chee Kit

Dean and Professor

In the School of Mathematical Sciences, we are committed to producing highly employable graduates with strong mathematical, analytical and communication skills, and nurturing an excellent School with expertise in mathematical science research.

Over the years, we have witnessed students joining us with high hopes and great determination, and it is only important we ensure that they will be industry-ready by the time they graduate, well-equipped with the knowledge and tools to make a difference in their profession.

As for research, mathematics will continue to play a significant and important role. In embracing the uncertainties and hazards in a changing environment coupled with unpredictable events such as climate change, natural disasters and financial crises, uncovering new mathematical models to provide creative and innovative solutions to these real-life problems will be the major concern for all. With the commitment and dedication shown by our academics, and the resolve of our administrative support staff, we have created an environment for all our students to flourish.

Together we can make a difference!

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