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INSAFOAM (2019 - 2020) Doubling Manufacturing Capacity With The Right Digital Initiatives

Insafoam Insulation (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, established in 1992, is a Malaysia company who manufactures and distributes its branded INSAPIPE range of polyurethane preinsulated pipes in Malaysia, the South-East Asian region and for the Middle East region. Insafoam Insulation is also the recipient of SME Excellence Award 2019.

The objective of this project is to commence a deep-dive into Insafoam’s business processes through a series of observatory studies, analyses of the various sources of company data, and interviews with the employees to understand Insafoam’s organisational culture and behavior. The initial project findings warranted the redefinition of business processes, and the solution recommended was to build predictive mathematical models which would enable Insafoam to optimise their manufacturing capacity in terms of worker assignments, resources utilisation, production line allocations and more.

With the predictive analysis and modelling, the team proposed an improved manufacturing plant layout and material flow that could be seamlessly integrated into the work processes. The predictive mathematic models also indicated that these improvements would be able to increase the manufacturing capacity by one-fold without overtime, and up to two-fold with 4-5 hours overtime allocated.

The project was concluded suggesting seven key strategies to optimize the manufacturing-related processes and layout of manufacturing plant, and also with recommendations to motivate their employees in adapting to various stages of process innovation. It will be carried out in the next phase.

Adapted from Business Today

Team members: Dr Lee Mok Siang, Dr Cheong Huey Tyng, Professor Teo Kok Lay, Associate Professor Leow Soo Kar and Professor Ho Chee Kit.




Projects that are in the Pipeline


  • Feasibility study / mathematics modelling
  • Identify challenges
  • Provide solutions to improve productivity and reduce cost

Data Analytics

  • Design and data collection
  • Statistical analysis
  • Modelling
  • Recommendation

Health Sciences

  • Data analysis
  • Construct models & algorithms for insurance premium

Smart Traffic Optimization Project

  • Collaboration with experts from overseas universities to improve traffic congestion
  • Customization based on real situations in a city having high traffic volume.