School of Mathematical Sciences Courses

School of Mathematical Sciences Courses


Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Statistical Data Modelling

In an increasingly data-driven world, there is an ever-growing demand for statisticians to analyse, and interpret massive quantities of data. From manufacturing, logistics & transportation, to healthcare, business and government, graduates with statistical know-how are much sought-after as their sophisticated knowledge can be applied across a…

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Actuarial Studies

This programme draws together a variety of subjects that involve applying mathematical and statistical techniques in the financial services industry. It is designed to pave the way for students wishing to embark on a career as an actuary. Students will be prepared for professional exams leading to professional recognition as an actuary from a…


Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematical Sciences

Candidates for the Doctoral Degree in Mathematical Sciences embark in high quality and innovative research in the broad field of mathematical sciences, that demonstrates the beauty of numbers and algorithms, and their usefulness in decision-making and problem-solving.

Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences

The Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences is a research programme that empowers students with a competitive edge in research through in-depth training mediated by experts. As a postgraduate student, candidates will be integrated as members of our research groups at Sunway University with various opportunities to participate in research…

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

Sunway University’s Master of Science in Applied Mathematics is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on the application of mathematics, statistics, and computational methods to intelligently model and describe the behaviour of real world’s complex systems. These skills are useful in various industries.