Staff Profiles

  • Head
Centre for Higher Education Research
  • Principal Teaching Fellow
  • Head - Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences
School of American Education
  • Head - Department of Applied Statistics
Department of Applied Statistics
School of Mathematical Sciences
  • Head
Centre for Research-Creation in Digital Media
School of Arts
  • Head - Department of Business Analytics
Department of Business Analytics
Sunway Business School
  • Head - Department of Management
Department of Management
Sunway Business School
  • Director (Undergraduate)
Department of Accounting
Sunway Business School
  • Director
Planning and Corporate Development
  • Professor and Director - Sunway Center for Environmental Social Governance
Sunway Business School
  • Professor-Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development
  • Professor of Economics Sunway University Business School
Jeffrey Cheah Institute on Southeast Asia
  • Head of Centre
Centre for English Language Studies (CELS)