Introduction to Online Learning

Introduction to Online Learning


You may be anxious or have concerns about online learning, especially if this is your first time. Below are three short videos to give you An Introduction to Online Learning. Please view the videos to help you understand how we are approaching online learning at Sunway University. You are welcome to share the videos with your friends.

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Video 1: Understanding Online Learning

From this video, you will learn what online learning is, how it takes place, the different ways you can or are required to participate and how to seek clarification and ask questions. The video also addresses other concerns you may have with online learning including not having a laptop and good internet connection.


Video 2: Understanding How Attendance is Recorded and How Learning is Supported

This video explains different ways attendance can be taken, as an indication of your engagement with online learning activities. Additionally, it explains how your learning process is guided and supported. Suggestions on peer interaction to prevent “loneliness” are also given.


Video 3: Some Tips on How to Learn Effectively Online

This video provides some tips on how you can manage yourself and engage in online learning effectively. These include tips on keeping track of information, being prepared for online learning, maintaining focus and engagement with learning, and managing your own learning schedule.

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