Student Account Activation

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Now let's get you started on your Orientation. At Sunway University, we advocate for online and self-paced learning where students would be in control of their academic experience. We will take you through step by step to activate your account and for you to take full advantage of the eLearn platform.


Activate Your Student Account

Please note that the Student Account Activation can only be done 7 DAYS before the semester commences. Students from all programmes may activate their account from 2 October 2023 (Postgraduate-Research) onwards. You may refer here for your Orientation Schedules.

Please skip this step if you already have existing Sunway iMail account. Straight log-on to your eLearn.




  1. Tap the following for account activation guide.
  1. Tap here for video guide. 
  2. Tap here for the student activation link.
Service Portal Log In


Once you are in the system, use your Student ID as your Username and enter the default password.

The default password is: YYYYMmmXXXX    
YYYY - 4 digit year of birth eg 2000    
Mmm - 3 letter birth month with initial cap eg Feb    
XXXX - last 4 characters of IC No (Malaysian) or Passport No (non-Malaysian) eg 5104

Default password example: 2000Feb5104



Change the Password

The page will prompt you to change your password. It is important to regularly change your password for better security.

After you have activated your account, please allow 60 mins for eLearn to sync to your new password, before you log on to it.





Start Your School's/ Centre's Orientation

Here is where your academic experience begin; from checking your course to the class schedule and other important announcements. Click here to begin.





Click here if you need the elearn step-by-step guide.

Supported browsers:

  • Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge (Chromium) for the best experience
  • Native browser for mobile and tablet OS browser

School Orientation only commences on 6 October 2023 (Postgraduate-Research). For ODL programmes, refer to your schedules.

You may refer to here for your Orientation Schedules.



Student IT Facilities Guide

Click here if you like to learn more about what IT Services





  1. Link embedded in the icons (except Campus Wi-Fi: SunwayEdu).
  2. Same-sign on: Once activated, all campus systems login will be using the changed password.
  3. iZone, eLearn, vLab & Wi-Fi login using Student ID only (eg. 14052518)
  4. iMail Log In Format: Student @email (e.g. @email)
  5. For ITS assistance, please send email to @email