Spotlight on Student Life

Student LIFE


Student LIFE

Your life as a student is a special and meaningful part of your life. Here at Sunway University, we are determined to give you the best student experience we can. 
This is exactly why we have a dedicated unit known as Student LIFE! Student LIFE offers services and support catered specifically for your well-being and academic success. 

Spotlight on Student Life

Services Offered

Student LIFE offers services encompassing: 

  • Clubs & Societies
  • Counselling & Wellness
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Student Support
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Student Welfare
  • Careers & Employability
  • Scholarship & Financial Aids
Student LIFE

Additional Information

For more info on Student LIFE and its services, you may download the Student LIFE Booklet below.


Alternatively, you can visit the Student LIFE Website below:

Student LIFE

Student LIFE Experience

Experience the best of your student life.

60sec - Clubs & Societies

Interested in joining the club & societies? 

60sec - Career

Career advisory & guidance, internship & employment opportunities.

60-Sec Counseling

Do come and meet our professional and certified counselors.

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