Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities


This outlines the obligations associated with postgraduate by research at Sunway University, as well as the roles and responsibilities within the framework of postgraduate research.  The University is responsible for establishing and maintaining a research culture consistent with the Malaysian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, developing policies and procedures applicable to all postgraduate research students, irrespective of the course in which they are enrolled (Masters or Doctoral). 

Postgraduate students are expected to carry out the research with a positive commitment, taking full advantage of available resources and facilities, and presence of the supervisor(s), other academic staff and fellow students.

Postgraduate Support

Postgraduate Commitment and Responsibilities

Postgraduate students are responsible for their course of study and conducting, communicating and defending their proposed research plan and outcome. Some of their key responsibilities include: 

  • Plan progress and completion of thesis with supervisor and take note of feedback provided 
  • Communicate regularly with your supervisor (s) and discuss any problems that may arise 
  • Attend departmental research seminars and journal club meetings 
  • Submit progress reports on time 
  • Must devote sufficient time and effort to the undertaking  initiative in identifying and addressing research-related issues  to get any new skills necessary for the project 
  • Ethically pursue scholarly endeavours and improve professionally
  • Take responsibility for academic success and execute responsibilities conscientiously and on time. 
roles and responsbilities

Postgraduate Support Services

Postgraduate students will be supported through frequent supervision sessions, and relevant meetings, seminars and lectures. The supervisor will provide guidance in planning the research and in the thesis preparation. Postgraduate students may also be advised on areas where further training is needed. 

Below are some of the examples that postgraduate students will expect from the supervisor: 

  • guidance on the nature of research and the standard expected; 
  • planning of the research activities; 
  • attendance at appropriate courses; 
  • literature and sources; 
  • laboratory techniques, where applicable; and 
  • sources of information on intellectual property rights. 

Information regarding Postgraduate Guidelines, Forms, and other Resources can be found here

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