Let's Settle In: Campus Life at a Glance

Sunway University Campus

Campus Life at a Glance

Occupying 22 acres of prime land in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, the University campus is fully equipped with academic, hostel and sports facilities and is amongst the largest and most modern private institutions in Malaysia. Our campus comes complete with 24-hour Wi-Fi coverage at classrooms, lecture halls, the cafeteria, the library, the concourse and open areas.

Sunway Canopy walk

Accessible Campus

Besides that, attending Sunway University will allow you to integrate into the ’15-minute city’ that is Sunway City. Major facilities and amenities such as public transport stations, malls, recreational areas and medical centres are all accessible within a 15-minute walk, avoiding congestion and promoting sustainability.


Cultural Diversity

Spending time on campus will also expose you to a diverse cultural landscape, as the university’s student demographic comprises a rich mix of cultures and nationalities. We’re sure you will love every second you spend on campus!

Campus Tour

Take this video tour through our outstanding campus and facilities and meet some of our excellent students and staff along the way.

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Library Tour

Access your library e-resources here Sunway Campus Library. Book your library tour now.

Library's Dos & Don'ts

Let us maintain the Library as a conducive environment for learning and research.


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Online Library

Access an Online Library to unlock a world of information with a few clicks. Find out how here.

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Navigate, Borrow, Return

Discover a world of knowledge at your fingertips as you navigate our user-friendly platform to locate your desired books, borrow them hassle-free, and return them with utmost convenience. 

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Sunway Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition is used for both entry into and exit from the library, and all students are automatically enrolled as registered members upon becoming part of our institution.

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Sunway Innovation Labs

If you have a business idea or wish to solve a problem, at Sunway iLabs, we turn ideas into reality. Find out more here.