SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production



This SDG has eleven targets to promote production and consumption habits and practices that are in line with sustainably managing resources, waste of different categories, technological capacity and many more.

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sdg 12


Big Data and Climate Change
This project on big data and climate change is in conjunction with the School of Science and Technology in Sunway University and the Institute of Climate Change at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). The project aims to integrate interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary methodologies that takes on data, both in quantitative and qualitative forms, from a variety of technoscientific and sociological sources that are informative about the cause and effects of climate change.

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fashion farm


Fashion farm 2022

Students from Sunway International Business Society organised a sustainable fashion charity event aiming to advocate sustainable fashion, to reduce the production and consumption of fast fashion and promote awareness of climate change among the younger generation. FashionFarm Event 2022 occurred in two phases; collection drive and event day. The collection drive was held in collaboration with Sunway Student Volunteers. The team aimed to collect monetary donations and pre-loved clothes from the staff and students from Sunway University & College. In result, they have collected over 600 pre-loved clothes and raised over RM600 of monetary donations.

the last straw

University Operations

The Last Straw Campaign

The University has implemented a no plastic policy from 2018 in conjunction with The Last Straw Campaign. The campaigns aim was to encourage students to stop using single-use plastic straws. This has developed into no plastic bottles and plates to no plastic cutlery on campus in 2022.