SDG 2: Zero Hunger



SDG 2 has eight targets to work towards the eradication of global hunger. This includes affordable access to nutritious food, safe and sustainably managed agricultural practices, agricultural research and development and much more. Nutritious and safe food is a human right for all individuals across the globe.

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Sunway XFarms


FutureX Farms - Pay It Forward Pack

At Sunway FutureX Farm, vertical farming is used as it produces healthy vegetables with 90% less water, no soil, and the efficient use of space. This produce is used to feed B40 families through the purchase of the 'Pay It Forward Pack'. For every vegetable bag purchased, another bag is donated to a family in need. By the end of 2020, 15,000 vegetables were harvested and 500 families were nourished from them. At the end of every month, an impact report is sent to buyers after successful distribution to the families.

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Sustainable Agriculture


Micro-credential in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

Sunway University is committed in the learning of unequal access to food and nutrition. The microcredential explores contemporary issues of land-based economic development and food security with priorities given to developing countries.

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University Operations

Menu Rahmah

Menu Rahmah was introduced to ensure cheaper options on campus are readily available for those buying meals on a budget. Every vendor will take turns selling a meal at a cheaper price and the choice of vendor will rotate on a weekly basis. This meal usually consists of a main food dish and a drink.