SDG 17: Partnerships for Goals



Collective action is vital in achieving the Global Goals. The nineteen targets within this SDG aim to promote support amongst institutions and organisations of various sectors of society. The targets include economic stability, mobilising financial resources, knowledge exchange in science and technology and many more.

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wst 2040


Water Transformation 2040

The Sunway Institute for Global Strategy and Competitiveness IGSC is a strategic partner of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia to work on the Roadmap for the National Agenda on Water Sector Transformation 2040 Development Study. This is a national agenda to transform the water sector into a dynamic & vibrant economic sector, identifying gaps in the current water ecosystem and providing recommendations for addressing water security and water management issues in the country.

SDGs in Education


SDG's in Education

The University has not only developed specific Sustainable Development courses at the master and PhD level but has also embedded sustainability electives within a wide range of courses and electives.

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University Operations

SDGs in the Wider Community

Campus with a Conscience, a philosophy distinctively unique to Sunway University, is a platform where knowledge is turned into action and outreach and reflects a community built upon individuals who stay accountable to our planet and its people.  All Campus with a Conscience initiatives are open to all staff and students, alumni and the wider community.

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