SDG 1: No Poverty



SDG 1 consists of seven targets to eradicate poverty of all degrees in all forms. The targets aim to end generational poverty, provide equal access to any basic human right, provide protection from climate disasters, implement policies to eradicate poverty and overall develop this underserved community to achieve their justice.

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ASEAN Ministers Workshop 2017: Navigating the Headwinds of Sustainable Development in ASEAN

The workshop acknowledged that for the bigger ASEAN countries, especially with significant numbers in the hinterlands, issues of poverty and inequities were the result of fragmentation in governance stemming from decentralisation; poor communication between central and peripheral governments; and bottlenecks in information flow.




JCF Scholarship and Funding

Jeffrey Cheah Foundation (JCF) is a not-for-profit Foundation that owns and governs the Sunway Education Group. JCF is the largest education-focused social enterprise in Malaysia and believes that quality education should be affordable and accessible to as many deserving students as possible.

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soup kitchen

University Operations

Sunway University Student Volunteer

The SSV society has four categories of volunteer work, which are: Environment, Community, Health and Wildlife.

The community and health categories address issues of poverty through the club's work in soup kitchens, shoebox donations and many more.