SDG 15: Life On Land



SDG 15 has twelve targets to ensure the ecosystems and biodiversity on land will co-exist harmoniously.  Currently our life on land has been harmed due to deforestation and disruptions of natural habitats. These targets aim to protect endangered areas and species, financially support conservation programs and forest management and many more.

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Sloth Bears


Sunway University Press (SUP) Publishes 'Sloth Bear'

In conjunction with a forum on wildlife conservation officiated and graced by Professor Elizabeth Lee (CEO of Sunway Education Group) and Professor Graeme Wilkinson (Vice-Chancellor of Sunway University), SUP launched the book, 'Sloth Bear: The Barefoot Bear of Sri Lanka' written by ecologist Dr Shyamala Ratnayeke and wildlife photographer Luxshmanan Nadaraja. The purchase of the book is available to the public community at SUP.

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Micro-credential in Biodiversity


Micro-credential in Biodiversity

Jeffrey Sachs Center of Sustainable Development offers a micro-credential in biodiversity. The overall course objective is for students to gain an understanding of the ecological and evolutionary basis of biodiversity, to compare the relative contributions of environment and history on biodiversity dynamics, and to highlight important links between biodiversity, environmental health and human wellbeing. Special consideration is given to rates and causes of extinction of species, hotspots of biodiversity, and modern threats to biodiversity.

Herb Garden

University Operations

Herb Garden

The herb garden is an initiative by the University's Facilities Services Department & School of Hospitality and Service Management (SHSM). One of the duties of the garden is to carry out its simple and important duty to bring in more native insects to increase biodiversity. The herb garden is cared for by both University staff and students by following a maintenance schedule.