SDG 13: Climate Action



The five targets in SDG 13 Climate Action revolve around climate commitment through resilient systems againsts climate disasters in all countries and communities, wholistic planning and management, inclusive policies and more.

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Road to Glasgow Kunming: Combating Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss in Malaysia:

In response to the two largest environmental negotiation forums, UN climate Change Conference (COP26) and UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15), the European Union Delegation to Malaysia and WWF Malaysia hosted this virtual conference to inform the public about the preparations for these events. One of the presentations, ASEAN Green Future-Low Carbon Economy was delivered by Professor Woo Wing Thye, Director of Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development. Actions to Combat Climate Biodiversity Conservation Change and Several engagement sessions, webinar, workshop, and lectures are conducted to improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation. Community Service Project with Non-Governmental Organisations - Fundraising initiatives have been carried out by undergraduate students in School of Hospitality and Management to NGOs including Rumah K.I.D.S, Seso, Tzi-Chu Foundation Malaysia, Free Tree Society, and others. 



ASEAN Future Leaders SDG Workshop

Sunway University has offered this virtual flagship programme in the context of SDGs which convenes undergraduate students from eight ASEAN nations. This virtual programme comprises teaching sessions on SDGs in general, particularly Climate Change, along with a self-directed project schedule for students to develop a statement of aspirations that may be delivered at the Conference.  


University Operations

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Our University is committed to tackling climate issues through our environmental sustainability policy with goals and targets surrounding waste, water, energy and more. This policy is to be followed by every department, group and stakeholder at the University. This includes, satff, students, visitors, vendors and more.

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