SDG 4: Quality Education



The ten targets in SDG 4 ensure that free quality education is achieved amongst children at primary and secondary level in all communities, access to higher education through scholarships and non-discrimination, ensure a safe and conducive environment for students to build crucial lifelong skills and more.

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Education Summit - Accelerating Education Reform Through Collective Experiences

Sunway Education Group (SEG) and the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI) jointly held an Education Summit themed “Accelerating Education Reform Through Collective Experiences” at Sunway University. At this summit, delivering and preparing our children with the compatible skills in the world of digitalisation; enhancing the infrastructure in school, especially making the internet accessible for all schools; nurturing and focusing on the growth of the children were some of the topics that were discussed.

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Sustainability-Related Learning


Sustainability-Related Learning

Compulsory sustainability modules are produced by the SDG Academy for all staff and students to complete. These modules are now available on LinkedIn Learning for all to access, even those outside of our institution. The University also offers a Sustainable Development Master's program both online and physically, as well as many sustainability-related course units, minors, majors and topics throughout various programs.

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Campus Sustainability Initiatives Tour

University Operations

Campus Sustainability Initiatives Tour

Sunway University hosts campus sustainability initiatives tour for visitors at our University mainly comprising of students from Malaysia as well as schools from outside the country. The students are taught about how the University implements sustainable practices through many different operations. This includes areas of waste, energy, and biodiversity. Each session includes a Q&A and souvenirs such as organic compost to encourage the practice of sustainable behaviour even in their own homes.