Spotlight on Research

Tourism Recovery Strategies: Challenges Faced by the Pacific Island States

In the Pacific island states, tourism growth was significantly affected due to the pandemic and climate change. The vulnerabilities of these nations have led to the need to seriously consider setting-up the appropriate coping mechanisms for the local communities to ‘prosper’ once again. 

Academic Integrity Post-pandemic: Deception and Dishonesty in the Digital Age

This article covers what constitutes academic integrity, specifically focusing on the sharp increase in dishonest behaviours among students of higher learning during the pandemic. Why do students resort to cheating? Why should educators be aware of this issue?

Hospital Designs in Malaysia

The article covers the current issue of public hospitals in Malaysia and a general idea on the designs for future hospitals.

The Important Roles of Salt Substitutes in Food Products

Sodium chloride (NaCl) has a significant role in food products' texture, shelf-life, and flavour. The increasing consumption of food products with high amount of NaCl leads to life-threatening pathologies. Salt reduction was one of the most cost-effective strategies. Approaches that are taken…

Research Grants to Design Swarm-Intelligence Algorithms

Smart cities aim at enhancing the living standards of their citizens by making use of advanced technologies to innovate various sectors. The optimisation algorithms are widely used in applications relating to smart cities (e.g. routing and estimation). Optimised swarm-intelligence algorithms such…

The Culture of Health - The Next Big Thing in Engaging Employees

The article suggests that the culture of health and the strategies on employee well-being may be practised to ensure a productive and engaged workforce. It includes the suggestion that companies pay attention to their employees’ financial well-being as a precursor for greater employee performance…

How Do We Become Great Communicators?

The author, an academician who has lived in four countries, believes cross-cultural experiences and communication are essential for personal and career development. Having become multilingual and developed meaningful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds, the author emphasises the…

How and in What Ways Does Social Media Affect Everyone? It Depends....

Over the years, communication researchers have sought to answer the burning questions people ask about the effects of social media on everyone. Professor Bradley Freeman shares his take on this.

A Showcase of Undergraduate Actuarial Science Research Projects

This write-up features prominent undergraduate research works that have been published in academic journals or conference proceedings.

How can Design and Designers Help Improve Malaysian Society?

It is a common misconception that design is mainly trying to make things look ‘pretty’. Dr Goh Yi Sheng talks about how design is more than that and cites a project that can be an example of how design can change society for the better.

A Real-Time Counting Application of Printed Circuit Boards Assembly (PCBA) using Image Processing and Weight Detection Techniques

HUMAC researchers have successfully delivered a proposed real-time counting application prototype under the Public-Private Research Network (PPRN) 2.0 grant. The solution comprises an IoT weighing scale system, a vision-based counting system, and an Android mobile application to monitor the…

Science and Technology Beyond Borders

Sunway University teamed up with renowned researchers under the International Research Networks Grant Scheme (IRNGS) to promote scientific and technological development in advanced energy storage materials, beyond borders.