Communication & Media Studies

Much Ado About… ChatGPT

The emergence of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot utilising natural language processing, raised concerns in education about increased plagiarism and weakened critical thinking.

Saudi Arabia's COVID-19 Crisis Communication

Dive into the Saudi Ministry of Health's strategic use of Twitter amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Online Neighbourhood Communities

How has the Internet changed the concept of neighbourhood communities? What makes one online community more successful than the other? Is content moderation important in online communities?

Qarlene Rishiqa: Creating History and Conquering the Airwaves

An alumna from the BA (Hons) in Communication course, Qarlene’s time at Sunway University taught her how to deal with curveballs and turn them around to her advantage.

Felica Tan Hwee Ling: Discovering New Pathways Through Digital Communication

From being a pure Science stream student in MUFY to pursuing a Master of Social Sciences in Communication, Felica Tan Hwee Ling’s Sunway experience shifted her education trajectory in a major way. A continuing scholarship led her to the BA (Hons) in Communication programme, where she cultivated an…

Navigating the ChatGPT Landscape in Education: Empowerment vs. Dependence

This article emphasizes the importance of educators, policymakers, and technologists collaborating to develop best practices, fostering responsible AI use in the classroom while nurturing a generation of informed and responsible digital citizens. Discover the key to unlocking the technology's full…

The Curious Case of Commodity Fetishism

Commodity fetishism is a unique situation where the public may find their identity as an extension of the expensive products they own. This is because there is a symbolic value that products possess according to scholars of media and advertising.  

The Power of Suggestion: Simple Tips for Daily Life

The concern that one should have while providing suggestions is whether one has an in-depth understanding of both the 'science of suggestion' and 'auto-suggestion’. This article depicts the power of suggestions by providing some real-life examples of the situation in which suggestions take place.  

Academic Integrity Post-pandemic: Deception and Dishonesty in the Digital Age

This article covers what constitutes academic integrity, specifically focusing on the sharp increase in dishonest behaviours among students of higher learning during the pandemic. Why do students resort to cheating? Why should educators be aware of this issue?

Tan Yin Bei: In Active Pursuit of New Opportunities

An alumna from the BA (Hons) in Communication March 2022 cohort, Tan Yin Bei has learned the importance of seizing new opportunities.

How Adobe Illustrator Could be Taught Online

Ever since the pandemic hit, teaching has been forced to go online. It has been challenging but somehow with the advancement in technology, the use of ZOOM as a teaching tool has made it easier for students to learn Adobe Illustrator online. 

How Do We Become Great Communicators?

The author, an academician who has lived in four countries, believes cross-cultural experiences and communication are essential for personal and career development. Having become multilingual and developed meaningful relationships with people from diverse backgrounds, the author emphasises the…