Think Pieces

Future Challenges for Global Universities

By Dr Ahmad Faizuddin

My colleagues and I recently attended a Jeffrey Cheah Distinguished Speakers Series featuring Deborah Prentice, a vice-chancellor from the University of Cambridge.

World Health Day 2024: My Health, My Right

By Professor Elil Renganathan
As we celebrate World Health Day this 2024, under the theme “My Health, My Right,” it’s a good moment to reflect on the essential right to health that transcends borders, cultures, and socioeconomic statuses.

Breaking Barriers: Empowering Women in Academia

By Professor Chai Lay Ching

Last Sunday afternoon, as I waited in line at the pink zone designated for female passengers at the Tun Razak Exchange MRT Station, a conversation between a young couple caught my attention. “We cannot get into this coach. It’s only for ladies lah,” the woman remarked.

Integrative Approach: Including Siblings of Children with Special Needs in Daily Decisions Can Help Families in Many Ways

By Professor Alvin Ng Lai Oon
Interventions for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) typically involves individual and parental attention by a team of educational and health professionals.

Unveiling the Undercurrents: Navigating Over-Tourism in Post-Pandemic Asia

By Associate Professor Dr Daniel Chong Ka Leong
The Post-Pandemic Tourism Landscape

As the world cautiously emerges from the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global tourism industry finds itself on the path to recovery.

Staying Healthy During CNY: Emeritus Prof Datin Dr Chia Yook Chin

As the Chinese New Year festivities approach, balancing the joy of reunions and delicious meals with mindful eating is essential. In an article published by The Star, Emeritus Prof. Datin Dr.

Hospitality United: Reshaping the Future

By Dr Gary Thomas Daniels
Forging success through collaborations, where industry and academia unit.

Thriving Against All Odds

By Arumugam Muthusamy & Associate Professor Dr Shehnaz Tehseen
Witness the dynamic world of women entrepreneurs.

Transforming Data to Impact: An Insightful Forum

By Associate Professor Dr Jason Ng Wei Jian
Uncover the power of data in driving real-world impact.

Whimsical Journey into Scientific Glamour

By Professor Goh Bey Hing
For humanity to advance, nurturing future generations of scientists is imperative. Scientists merit recognition not solely within academic journals but also in the collective consciousness of humanity.

Movement Magic: How Sports Can Help Empower Kids with Intellectual Disabilities

By Professor Alvin Ng Lai Oon
Having a child with intellectual disability (ID) is, more often than not, viewed negatively. It comes with a sense of dread, hopelessness and even helplessness.

The Evolution of Advertising in Malaysia

By Intan Abida binti Abu Bakar
The future of advertising in Malaysia holds significant promise and presents exciting opportunities for growth and innovation.