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Why It's Necessary to Destigmatize Palliative Care for Children

What happens to parents when their child is diagnosed with a life-threatening terminal illness or medical complications? They go through a lot of medical procedures, sleepless nights, work disruptions, lifestyle readjustments and financial difficulties, all of which contribute to significant…

Unlocking Desires: The AR Revolution in Consumer Emotions

 In a world where technology converges with emotion, augmented reality (AR) emerges as a captivating enigma influencing consumer choices.

Beyond Borders: Extending Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Across Global Supply Chains

The corporate world has made commendable progress in adopting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) practices in the past two decades. However, this transformative journey shouldn't be confined within a company's borders.

Greening for Tomorrow: Navigating Corporate Sustainability with Innovative HR Strategies

 In the corporate landscape, the journey toward sustainability takes centre stage as companies grapple with environmental challenges.

Celebrating Breakthroughs: A Remarkable Year for SMS

Embark on a journey of triumph with the School of Mathematical Sciences as they unveil a year of ground-breaking achievements. From forging transformative partnerships with industry leaders to securing the top spot in the Times Higher Education Subject Ranking, the school has reshaped the landscape…

The Internship Dilemma: Bridging the Industry-University Gap

An internship is an invaluable learning experience for university students pursuing careers in a specific field. Despite this, there remains a disconnect between the industry expectations of interns and universities’ preparation of interns for internship placements. Nevertheless, there are several…

Brands Beware! Consumer Discontent is Contagious

This article discusses the reciprocal relationship between consumers and brands. Nonetheless, consumers have increasingly become more assertive in voicing their discontent in recent decades. This calls for brands to acknowledge and address such consumer sentiments.

EPR: The Solution to The Landfill Waste Issue?

To tackle the severe problem of landfill waste, Professor Yuka Fujimoto has conducted extensive qualitative research on how the extended producer responsibility (EPR) framework should be im

Sunway Education Group Reaffirms Commitment to Planetary Health

Malaysia is proud to have been selected to hold the world-renowned international conference discussing global health and community development where scientists, policymakers, the private sector, educators, and concerned planetary citizens will convene.

One Man’s Quest to Fight Climate Change by Saving Coral Reefs

From algal biofuel to coral microalgae, Dr. Chen Jit Ern, the Head of the Jeffrey Sachs Center for Sustainable Development and Associate Professor in the School of Biological Studies at Sunway University, has dedicated years of research exploring the possibilities.

Implications of Recruiting Foreign Nurses in Local Healthcare Sector

The global landscape is currently facing a pronounced nursing deficit, with estimates suggesting a shortage of nearly 13 million nurses by 2030, as reported by the International Council of Nurses.