Chin Siew Mei: Best of Both Worlds

Witness BAS alumnus transformative journey through constants and change. Her academic triumphs, adaptability, and altruism make her a beacon of inspiration.

Sheine Christopher Mahendran: My Hospitality Journey

Learn how Sunway University’s BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management programme prepared Sheine Mahendran for a successful career in hospitality.

Shamalarani Chandran: A Karate Odyssey

Balancing books and black belts, Shamalarani Chandran's Karate journey embodies the true essence of discipline. A Sunway University master's student on a mission, her life has been intricately woven with the art of Karate for the past 13 years.

From Day Dreamer to Dream Maker: My Sunway Journey

Low Jun Jie began an academic journey at Sunway University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in International Business, opening doors to diverse career prospects like consultancy and risk management.

Arsh Zubair Rajwani: The COVID Adventure of a Third Culture International Student

Business Management student, Arsh Zubair Rajwani, found Sunway University pivotal in enriching his mind and building a strong career foundation.

23 and a Top 2% Researcher: Shin Jie's Story

It is no small feat to make it onto Stanford University’s top 2% researcher list. Researchers on the list have greatly impacted their field or discipline through their studies, evidenced by an impressive citation record.

Ong Xue Ying: Human Resource Management – A Humane Touch at Work

When I began my academic journey, I chose to become a Sunwayian. Upon completing my master's degree, I can proudly say it was the right choice. My overall campus experience was fun and inspiring despite stressful academic challenges.

Afreen Raj Dharani: Sunway University - My Place of Light, Liberty and Learning

Afreen Raj Dharani joined Sunway University in 2019 to pursue an undergraduate degree, aiming to maintain her position in 'a class above'. Read her fond retelling of her journey to study international business.

Fatima Gachi Ahmed: An Analysis of Analyst

Business Analytics graduate in 2020, Fatima Gachi Ahmed, currently works as a data analyst at the Central Bank of Nigeria. Find out how her time at Sunway University prepared her for this position.

Ng Swee Lynn: The Making of an E-Commerce Specialist

Alumna Ng Swee Lynn highlights the role of academic excellence, practical skills, and mentorship in propelling her career.

Mohamed Salman Faiz: Marketing – A Journey of Boundless Opportunities!

Mohamed Salman Faiz shares how industry engagement, creative thinking, supportive mentors, and a holistic campus fueled his journey as a business graduate.

Qarlene Rishiqa: Creating History and Conquering the Airwaves

An alumna from the BA (Hons) in Communication course, Qarlene’s time at Sunway University taught her how to deal with curveballs and turn them around to her advantage.