Hospitality and Leisure

Unveiling the Undercurrents: Navigating Over-Tourism in Post-Pandemic Asia

By Associate Professor Dr Daniel Chong Ka Leong
The Post-Pandemic Tourism Landscape

As the world cautiously emerges from the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, the global tourism industry finds itself on the path to recovery.

Hospitality United: Reshaping the Future

By Dr Gary Thomas Daniels
Forging success through collaborations, where industry and academia unit.

Navigating Growth Pathways in Micro and Small Tourism Enterprises

By Associate Professor Dr Alexander Trupp
Discover the resilience of small tourism businesses forging pathways to growth.

The Internship Dilemma: Bridging the Industry-University Gap

By Vijaya Malar Arumugam and Anisha Chai Mee Fong
Experience the vital role of internships in bridging university learning to industry realities.

Experiential Learning Firms Foundation in Events Management

By Evelyn Loh & Hairani M Nur
With careful consideration, events educators can collaborate with conference owners to produce corporate or social events that centre on students’ skills attainment and knowledge application.

Brands Beware! Consumer Discontent is Contagious

By Evelyn Loh Geok Yan
This article discusses the reciprocal relationship between consumers and brands.

Sheine Christopher Mahendran: My Hospitality Journey

Learn how Sunway University’s BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management programme prepared Sheine Mahendran for a successful career in hospitality.

Gigging in the Fast Lane: Malaysia’s Food Delivery Riders Navigate a Risky Road

By Dr Gary Daniels
Discover the unspoken risks that Malaysia's food delivery riders face every day, from life-threatening accidents to financial instability. It's time to question who holds the responsibility for their safety.

Reflecting on the Capture of Malacca

By Associate Professor Dr Gan Joo-Ee 
This article discusses the complexities behind Malaysia’s education system using the historical example of the ‘Capture of Malacca’. Indeed, there is a need to address innovative teaching and assessment methods to equip young minds for the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Attention, Tourism Workers: Rights Awareness Matters!

By Associate Professor Dr Gan Joo-Ee
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry in Malaysia experienced significant job losses, which affected 3.6 million employees. A study revealed that many workers were not formally retrenched but indirect causes such as pay cuts and unpaid leave led to voluntary resignations.

25 Years! The School of Hospitality and Service Management Celebrates Its Silver Jubilee

Sunway University's School of Hospitality and Service Management recently commemorated its silver jubilee, celebrating 25 years of excellence in shaping future hospitality and service industry talents.