Spotlight on Research

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, A Viable Solution For Mapping Radiation Anomalies

In the event of a nuclear incident, crisis management is needed. The most important of which is to survey or assess the release of any radionuclides.

Gigging in the Fast Lane: Malaysia’s Food Delivery Riders Navigate a Risky Road

Discover the unspoken risks that Malaysia's food delivery riders face every day, from life-threatening accidents to financial instability. It's time to question who holds the responsibility for their safety.

Blockchain + 6G IoT

Explore the convergence of 6G-enabled IoT and blockchain, reshaping the industrial sector. This study highlights challenges in security, privacy, and traditional centralised architectures. Blockchain's potential to enhance IoT applications is emphasised, necessitating careful study to prevent…

The Power of Nanotechnology: Small Yet Wonderful

Nanotechnology implies designing and developing structures, devices, and systems at nanoscale levels with a dimension of less than 100 nanometers. One nanometer is equivalent to 100 millionth of a millimetre. Find out about the power of nanotechnology in energy storage and conversion, heat removal…

Turning Waste into Watts

Like many countries, Malaysia faces a severe plastic pollution problem as over 1 million tons of plastic waste is mismanaged annually. This plastic debris contaminates land, waterways and even the air. However, researchers at Sunway University are pioneering an innovative plastic upcycling…

Is Power Electronics The Key to Reducing Global Warming?

Global energy consumption is increasing dramatically and will likely continue to do so. The primary energy source is still fossil fuel, causing global warming. Power electronic technologies offer high reliability and efficient renewable energy conversion, helping mitigate harmful global emissions.

Is Renewable Energy the Only Solution to Climate Change?

As the global climate crisis intensifies, renewable energy alone cannot mitigate carbon dioxide emissions. The International Energy Agency has considered carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) as one of the four pillars of the global energy transition, as it can address emissions in sectors…

Thanos is here! Can the Avengers save Mother Earth?

Delve into a comprehensive multi-study analysis powered by the use of scientometrics. Gain a foundational understanding of consumption and ecological sustainability and discover the research directions that should be approached in the future.

Social Media Influencers: Intimacy, Self-Disclosure and Parasocial Bonds

Parasocial relationships. In layperson’s terms, this is a one-sided relationship where one party is unaware of the other’s existence. Nevertheless, many consumers from this type of relationship with social media influencers to the point it affects their behaviour as consumers. Find out what this…

Has the SVB Failure Changed the Financial Landscape?

Dr Zaheer Anwar and colleagues investigate the reactions of major global asset classes to the failure of the Silicon Valley Bank. The study's findings raise interesting questions about financial market dynamics and investor behaviour.

Crypto Currents and Clean Energy: Unravelling Financial Interdependencies

Join us on a journey into the intersection of clean energy and cryptocurrency, where financial currents merge with environmental sustainability. Explore the hidden ties and untapped potential that can power a greener, more prosperous world.

Saudi Arabia's COVID-19 Crisis Communication

Dive into the Saudi Ministry of Health's strategic use of Twitter amid the COVID-19 outbreak.