Spotlight on Research

Exploring the Financial Landscape for Young Adults

By Dr Adam She Long
Does the future time perspective influence financial well-being?

Navigating the Digital Dollar

By Dr Sahar Afshan
How is Fintech revolutionising finance ?

Navigating the Future in Co-Designing Urban Transport

By Dr Stephen Thomas Homer
Discover innovative solutions for Southeast Asia's congestion crisis.

The Resource Curse in the Least Developed Countries

By Dr Arsalan Zahid Piprani
Explore the complex interplay between investment and energy.

Navigating Growth Pathways in Micro and Small Tourism Enterprises

By Associate Professor Dr Alexander Trupp
Discover the resilience of small tourism businesses forging pathways to growth.

Pacific Optimisation Conference 2023: A Fusion of Ideas and Innovation

By Associate Professor Dr Jason Ng Wei Jian
Explore groundbreaking advancements and cutting-edge methodologies for supply chain resilience.

Exploring the Horizon: Edge Computing

By Dr Farrukh Hassan
Does processing data closer to generation points enhance efficiency and reduce latency?

Revolutionising Supply Chains

By Dr Aaliya Sarfaraz
Unlocking a world of transparency and trust with Blockchain Technology !

From Twitter to 'X': Navigating Social Media Transformation

By Professor Bradley C Freeman
Explore Twitter's transformation under Elon Musk into 'X' and the changing face of social media.

Malaysia’s National Independence Commemorative Logos

By Kevin Chan Leong Kit
Explore how visual artefacts, such as logos, have shaped national consciousness.

Challenging the Housing Affordability Threshold

By Associate Professor Dr Jason Ng Wei Jian
A widely adopted measure of housing affordability is that households should spend no more than 30% of their household income on housing. However, this normative threshold is an arbitrary Great Depression-era guideline and may not be relevant today.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, A Viable Solution For Mapping Radiation Anomalies

By Professor Mayeen Uddin Khandaker
In the event of a nuclear incident, crisis management is needed. The most important of which is to survey or assess the release of any radionuclides.