Spotlight on Research

Unlocking the Secrets of Brand Design

By Associate Professor Dr Goh Yi Sheng
What You Need to Know?

Big Data in Healthcare

By Dr Saad Aslam
Discover how big data revolutionises healthcare by improving patient outcomes, personalising treatments, and tackling privacy challenges.

Computer Vision Techniques

By Professor Lau Sian Lun
Discover the groundbreaking utilisation of computer vision techniques in this analysis of fuel injector performance.

Analysing COVID-19 Fatality Disparities in Malaysia

By Associate Professor Dr Jane Teh Kimm Lii
This study highlights vulnerable regions and underscores the need for targeted public health strategies.

Youth Hostel Businesses: the COVID-19 Aftermath

By Dr Philip Pong Weng Wong
Youth hostels have shaped tourism development but faced challenges due to the pandemic's impact on shared spaces.

Sunway Pioneers Unique Approach to Tackle Urban Poverty

Sunway is embarking on a long-term and multi-pronged project to address urban poverty and other quality of life issues in Desa Mentari, a public housing scheme along the Federal Highway in Klang Valley.

Exploring the Financial Landscape for Young Adults

By Dr Adam She Long
Does the future time perspective influence financial well-being?

Navigating the Digital Dollar

By Dr Sahar Afshan
How is Fintech revolutionising finance ?

Navigating the Future in Co-Designing Urban Transport

By Dr Stephen Thomas Homer
Discover innovative solutions for Southeast Asia's congestion crisis.

The Resource Curse in the Least Developed Countries

By Dr Arsalan Zahid Piprani
Explore the complex interplay between investment and energy.

Navigating Growth Pathways in Micro and Small Tourism Enterprises

By Associate Professor Dr Alexander Trupp
Discover the resilience of small tourism businesses forging pathways to growth.

Pacific Optimisation Conference 2023: A Fusion of Ideas and Innovation

By Associate Professor Dr Jason Ng Wei Jian
Explore groundbreaking advancements and cutting-edge methodologies for supply chain resilience.