Computer Science & Information Systems

ChatGPT, Tell Me, Are Universities Still Relevant Today?

Every year upon finishing high school, youths the world over are faced with the same universal dilemma: Should I get a job or go to university?

Fatima Gachi Ahmed: An Analysis of Analyst

Business Analytics graduate in 2020, Fatima Gachi Ahmed, currently works as a data analyst at the Central Bank of Nigeria. Find out how her time at Sunway University prepared her for this position.

(Em)Powering the 1%

Discover a rural electrification project empowering Kampung Cunex, Perak, through solar PV and battery storage. This initiative, led by Sunway University, Centre of Orang Asli Concerns, and sponsored by APM Corporate Services, aims to achieve SDG 7, providing affordable and clean energy.

Blockchain + 6G IoT

Explore the convergence of 6G-enabled IoT and blockchain, reshaping the industrial sector. This study highlights challenges in security, privacy, and traditional centralised architectures. Blockchain's potential to enhance IoT applications is emphasised, necessitating careful study to prevent…

Fostering Future Tech Leaders

Sunway University's School of Engineering and Technology is leading in nurturing the next generation of tech leaders in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Recognised by the Malaysian government and accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, Sunway's computing programmes offer students a…

Balancing 5G Technology for Sustainability

This article introduces 5G, a new trend in networking, the challenges faced in its deployment, the energy efficiency issue, and how to reduce energy consumption by having a sleep-wake mechanism approach among the base stations. 

Deloitte: Techtrends & What You Need to Know

Sunway University College students were recently exposed to how software applications and integrated systems influence global commerce at Deloitte: TechTrends & What You Need To Know.

Avery Choke Kar Sing: Recalling Unforgettable Experiences at Sunway University

Avery Choke is a Sunway University alumnus currently working as an iOS Development Engineer at Trust Bank, Singapore. He has worked in ApptivityLab as  Mobile Application Development Engineer during his Internship. After graduating, he worked with Orion Consultancy as the Lead Mobile Application…

Green Machine Learning: Is it Just Another Catchy Phrase?

There is no denying the power of Machine Learning, and as the world gets ready for more powerful machines and systems, would efficiency and accuracy take the place of energy efficiency?

Research Grants to Design Swarm-Intelligence Algorithms

Smart cities aim at enhancing the living standards of their citizens by making use of advanced technologies to innovate various sectors. The optimisation algorithms are widely used in applications relating to smart cities (e.g. routing and estimation). Optimised swarm-intelligence algorithms such…

Blockchain Applications in Healthcare

Blockchain has proven itself as an emerging technology which may result in total business transformation for diverse industries such as finance, healthcare, education, supply chain management, etc. This article discusses the different applications of blockchain in healthcare. 

Joanavene Tan Qie Ven – Braving the Impossible to Become Possible

Joanavene Tan is an inspiration and a role model who is living her dream in her career plans.