Computer Science & Information Systems

Yau Heng Hua: A Story of Limitless Potential

The remarkable journey of a graduate who conquered the tech industry.

The Education Revolution: Trends and Advancements

By Professor Ir Satesh Namasivayam
Discover groundbreaking insights and innovations that will shape how we learn and teach.

Extended Reality: The Future of Learning?

By Lim Woan Ning
Discover the transformative power of Extended Reality (XR), and what it means for the education sphere.

Big Data in Healthcare

By Dr Saad Aslam
Discover how big data revolutionises healthcare by improving patient outcomes, personalising treatments, and tackling privacy challenges.

Nunudzai Mrewa: A Cross-Continental Tech Journey

Distance is no matter when it comes to pursuing one's calling.

Exploring the Horizon: Edge Computing

By Dr Farrukh Hassan
Does processing data closer to generation points enhance efficiency and reduce latency?

Fostering a Growth Mindset for Lifelong Learning

By Dr Melody Tan Shi Ai
Dive into a transformative journey of education beyond boundaries.

Revolutionising Supply Chains

By Dr Aaliya Sarfaraz
Unlocking a world of transparency and trust with Blockchain Technology !

ChatGPT, Tell Me, Are Universities Still Relevant Today?

Every year upon finishing high school, youths the world over are faced with the same universal dilemma: Should I get a job or go to university?

Fatima Gachi Ahmed: An Analysis of Analyst

Adaptable Business Analytics graduate's journey as a fintech data analyst at the Central Bank of Nigeria.

(Em)Powering the 1%

By Professor Ts. Yap Kian Meng and Professor Fun Woh Peng
Sunway University works together with the Centre of Orang Asli Concerns and APM Corporate Services to create a future with sustainable energy.

Blockchain + 6G IoT

By Dr. Saad Aslam
Is our future of connectivity safe?