Art & Design

Carrie Teoh Jin Yi: Going Beyond the Borders of Graphic Design

Alumna merged her passion for coding and graphic design throughout her educational and career journey.

Malaysia’s National Independence Commemorative Logos

By Kevin Chan Leong Kit
Explore how visual artefacts, such as logos, have shaped national consciousness.

Nurturing Sustainable Futures

By Maslisa Zainuddin
The transformative power of higher education in fostering sustainability and weaving it into everyday learning has led to campuses becoming living examples of eco-friendly practices.

Crucial, Yet Often Misunderstood: The Industrial Design Profession

By Dr. Nicole Fu Chew Xiang
Did you know? Every object that you interact with daily, from the smallest paperclip to a car, is the result of an industrial design process. Yet, not many people understand this field and what it entails.

Wong Su Yen: Finding Your Voice Through Illustration

With a talent well-received since her varsity days, an alumna from the BA(Hons) in Design Communication course reflects on pursuing artistic expression through drawing and illustration.

Exploring Animism Beliefs and Tree Worship

By Wincen Foong Hock Kuen
Animism, a belief system that considers the spiritual and physical worlds inseparable, forms the basis for new religious movements worldwide. In Malaysia, animism is deeply ingrained in the country's cultural fabric.

Power of Technology in Tertiary Education

By Seri Intan Binti Md Sidik
Explore how technology is revolutionising tertiary education, enhancing teaching methodologies, expanding access to information, fostering interactive learning environments, and preparing students for the digital age.

Preserving Traditional Arts and Crafts

By Dr Fiona Wong E Chiong
Discover the rich tapestry of Malaysia’s traditional arts and crafts, from mesmerising performances to exquisite visual arts.

Vijaya Tarshini: Nurturing Talent Amidst the Pandemic

Upon finishing her secondary education, Vijaya Tarshini found herself in a state of uncertainty regarding her choice of field for further studies. However, her exposure to television shows and online videos led her to explore the realm of interior design, ultimately leading her to enroll in the…

Digitising Mah Meri’s Indigenous Culture and Heritage

By Delas Santano
Preserving dying traditions and culture in Malaysia presents an ongoing struggle. Among these cultural treasures is the artistry of the Mah Meri people, who intricately carve figures and masks as part of their ancient rituals. This article explores an efficient approach to digitize the narratives…

Contemporary Tools for Artsy Planners

By Amirul Idlan Bin Mukhtar
Research tools such as surveys, spatial analysis, social media analytics, and art walks are increasingly used in art implementation to better understand the impact of public art projects on communities and urban environments. These tools benefit artists, urban planners, and city officials in making…

Designing Inclusive Pedagogy: Enhancing Learning for Special Needs Students in Higher Education

By Bibi Zafirah Hanfa Badil Zaman
Designing Inclusive Learning: Empowering Special Needs Students with Design Principles in Higher Education. "This article explores how design can simplify complex information, create engaging and interactive learning experiences, provide structure and multiple pathways to learning, and foster a…