Spotlight on Teaching

Nurturing Excellence in Actuarial Science

Sunway University introduced its BSc (Hons) in Actuarial Studies programme, led by its Department of Actuarial Science and Risk, School of Mathematical Sciences, in 2013. The programme’s full IFoA accreditation and QS five-star certification are among the qualities that help produce world-class…

Experiential Learning Firm Foundation in Events Management

With careful consideration, events educators can collaborate with conference owners to produce corporate or social events that centre on students’ skills attainment and knowledge application.

Fostering Future Tech Leaders

Sunway University's School of Engineering and Technology is leading in nurturing the next generation of tech leaders in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Recognised by the Malaysian government and accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency, Sunway's computing programmes offer students a…

Much Ado About… ChatGPT

The emergence of ChatGPT, an AI chatbot utilising natural language processing, raised concerns in education about increased plagiarism and weakened critical thinking.

Academic Excursion 2023: A Day of Learning and Discovery

An annual half-day event for the School of Mathematical Sciences where the education agenda is at the forefront.

Power of Technology in Tertiary Education

Explore how technology is revolutionising tertiary education, enhancing teaching methodologies, expanding access to information, fostering interactive learning environments, and preparing students for the digital age.

Elevating Housekeeping: MAHIR and FHM 2023 Join Forces

As MAHIR gears up for Food Hotel Malaysia (FHM) 2023, the association aims to challenge misconceptions and elevate housekeeping's indispensable role in the hospitality industry. With workshops, competitions, and collaborations like The Centre for Hospitality Innovation and Leadership (CHIL) at…

Navigating the ChatGPT Landscape in Education: Empowerment vs. Dependence

This article emphasizes the importance of educators, policymakers, and technologists collaborating to develop best practices, fostering responsible AI use in the classroom while nurturing a generation of informed and responsible digital citizens. Discover the key to unlocking the technology's full…

Designing Inclusive Pedagogy: Enhancing Learning for Special Needs Students in Higher Education

Designing Inclusive Learning: Empowering Special Needs Students with Design Principles in Higher Education. "This article explores how design can simplify complex information, create engaging and interactive learning experiences, provide structure and multiple pathways to learning, and foster a…

Society of Actuaries Asia-Pacific Actuarial Teaching Conference 2022

At the Society of Actuaries Asia-Pacific Actuarial Teaching Conference in Bangkok, Ms. Low Ann Ann, a faculty member from the School of Mathematical Sciences, delivered a presentation on her implementation of project-based learning in the General Insurance course. In her paper, students were tasked…

Do No Harm'

Violence should never be an option to discipline or motivate a child, be it in academics or sports.

Growing Positively

Teachers, coaches, parents and guardians are responsible for providing a positive and safe learning environment for children. There are, however, instances where physical and mental violence is perceived as a “tool” for teaching, despite the risk of causing severe and long-lasting effects on the…