Business and Management

Navigating the Future in Co-Designing Urban Transport

By Dr Stephen Thomas Homer
Discover innovative solutions for Southeast Asia's congestion crisis.

The Resource Curse in the Least Developed Countries

By Dr Arsalan Zahid Piprani
Explore the complex interplay between investment and energy.

Thriving Against All Odds

By Arumugam Muthusamy & Associate Professor Dr Shehnaz Tehseen
Witness the dynamic world of women entrepreneurs.

The AR Revolution in Consumer Emotions

By Dr Soon Pei Shan
In a world where technology converges with emotion, augmented reality (AR) emerges as a captivating enigma influencing consumer choices.

Navigating Corporate Sustainability with Innovative HR Strategies

By Dr Kavitha Sathasivam
In the corporate landscape, the journey toward sustainability takes centre stage as companies grapple with environmental challenges.

EPR: A Solution to the Southeast Asia Landfill Issue?

By Professor Yuka Fujimoto

To tackle the severe problem of landfill waste, Professor Yuka Fujimoto has conducted extensive qualitative research on how the extended producer responsibility (EPR) frame

Low Jun Jie: From Day Dreamer to Dream Maker

My gateway to diverse career prospects.

Arsh Zubair Rajwani: The COVID Adventure of a Third Culture International Student

Business Management student, Arsh Zubair Rajwani, found Sunway University pivotal in enriching his mind and building a strong career foundation.

Ong Xue Ying: Human Resource Management – A Humane Touch at Work

When I began my academic journey, I chose to become a Sunwayian. Upon completing my master's degree, I can proudly say it was the right choice. My overall campus experience was fun and inspiring despite stressful academic challenges.

Afreen Raj Dharani: Sunway University - My Place of Light, Liberty and Learning

Afreen Raj Dharani joined Sunway University in 2019 to pursue an undergraduate degree, aiming to maintain her position in 'a class above'. Read her fond retelling of her journey to study international business.

Thanos is here! Can the Avengers save Mother Earth?

By Professor Lim Weng Marc
Delve into a comprehensive multi-study analysis powered by the use of scientometrics. Gain a foundational understanding of consumption and ecological sustainability and discover the research directions that should be approached in the future.

Social Media Influencers: Intimacy, Self-Disclosure and Parasocial Bonds

By Dr Koay Kian Yeik
Parasocial relationships. In layperson’s terms, this is a one-sided relationship where one party is unaware of the other’s existence. Nevertheless, many consumers from this type of relationship with social media influencers to the point it affects their behaviour as consumers. Find out what this…