Business and Management

Breakthrough Culture at Top Companies

By Associate Professor Dr Calvin Cheong Wing Hoh
Discover the secrets behind nine leading companies' success in creating a culture of innovation.

Digital Nudging: Turning Diners into Food Waste Warriors

By Dr Elizabeth Andrews & Dr Geetha Nadarajan
Can digital nudging address one of our most pressing environmental issues?

AI in Education: Transforming Learning with ChatGPT

By Dr Eugene Poon Wai Chuen
AI integration in education, an enhancement or a disruption?

Yuen How Ping - Bridging Success Across Entertainment, Marketing, and Cheerleading

When selecting a BSc (Hons) in Business Studies, several factors influenced my decision.

Ng Joanna: A Valedictorian's Journey of Entrepreneurship

I began my journey as a Diploma in Performing Arts student at Sunway University and graduated in 2020 amidst the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beyond Books: A Tale of Growth and Success at Sunway University

Saadman graduated from Sunway Business School after studying the Business Studies Programme offered as a partnership with Lancaster University.

Navigating the Future in Co-Designing Urban Transport

By Dr Stephen Thomas Homer
Discover innovative solutions for Southeast Asia's congestion crisis.

The Resource Curse in the Least Developed Countries

By Dr Arsalan Zahid Piprani
Explore the complex interplay between investment and energy.

Thriving Against All Odds

By Arumugam Muthusamy & Associate Professor Dr Shehnaz Tehseen
Witness the dynamic world of women entrepreneurs.

Loke Jun Ren: Believe, and You’re Halfway There

Discover how this international business alumna turned obstacles into victories.

The AR Revolution in Consumer Emotions

By Dr Soon Pei Shan
In a world where technology converges with emotion, augmented reality (AR) emerges as a captivating enigma influencing consumer choices.

Navigating Corporate Sustainability with Innovative HR Strategies

By Dr Kavitha Sathasivam
In the corporate landscape, the journey toward sustainability takes centre stage as companies grapple with environmental challenges.