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Why We Need A Pandemic Treaty Built For Accountability & Financial Assistance To Countries That Need It

The story begins with a caption that sparked conversations that may have potentially led to controversies. 

Culture, Connection and Communication in the Digital Era: The Case of a Photograph Inspired by an Ancient Poem

The story begins with a caption that sparked conversations that may have potentially led to controversies. 

What’s Your Wish for 2022? How About a Better Planet?

While humanity’s challenges are well-documented, the solutions sometimes feel like they are shrouded in mystery.

How Can Employee Well-Being Make Your Business More Competitive and Profitable

Until relatively recently employee well-being has often been viewed as a subfield of health and safety that is primarily concerned with minimising company health care costs and liabilities.  

A Paradigm Shift in Event Education

The event sector is rapidly developing, having rebounded from the effects of Covid-19. 

What Does It Take to Be a Great Communicator?

Two decades in academia, one of which was spent living abroad. Does that make someone a great communicator?

How Do We Rebound From The Pandemic?

According to the World Economic Forum, Emerging Asia, including, Malaysia, is in real danger of falling into an inequality trap as it recovers from the pandemic.

Saving the Planet From CO2 and Plastic Pollution

Carbon dioxide emissions and plastic pollution are two of the most pressing environmental issues posing risks to humanity and life on earth.

Blockchain Technology for eLearning at Time of Pandemic Restrictions

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online and distance learning has become incredibly popular all around the world.

Dealing With Depression

Being a psychologist, I often get asked what people can do to help a family member or friend who seem to be depressed, or have actually been diagnosed with clinical depression and is on psychiatric medication. 

The Preservation of Ipoh’s Heritage

Ipoh – a serene city tucked away in the northwestern part of Peninsular Malaysia has predominantly been a detour for tourists (both local and international) sojourning between the north and the south. This article talks about the need to preserve Ipoh’s authentic heritage.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome to Win Big in Business

A look at how Samsung, American Express, Sime Darby, Tata Group and Nintendo became industry leaders, and how an online MBA can help you become one.