Postgraduate Research



Postgraduate Research


Master in International Hospitality Management (MIHM)

Hospitality is a growing industry that continually innovates to meet the demands of global customers. As the Master in International Hospitality Management (MIHM) represents the service industry, which is evidently growing in advanced economies, this programme will open doors to numerous specialised fields. MIHM is curated to meet the constantly evolving hospitality industry needs. Graduates of the MIHM will be equipped with the industry insights, inter-disciplinary knowledge, global management styles and strategic decision-making, techniques, preparing individuals for managerial roles in hospitality and tourism.

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Postgraduate Research Projects

A qualitative study on Malaysia's private education institutions' hospitality graduates' career intentions during COVID-19 pandemic

With international borders closed and human movement restricted in Malaysia, there is potential for a lack of labor to supply and assist the hospitality industry during the recovery and post-pandemic stages. Qualified hospitality graduates with a positive attitude (committed and motivated) towards the industry are highly sought after, but the industry faces problems attracting them, and graduate turnover is a big concern worldwide. It is vital to conduct an exploratory qualitative study that aims to answer the research question: How do future hospitality graduates make career decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic? The objectives of the study include: 1) to ascertain Malaysia's private education institutions' future hospitality graduates' career intentions, 2) to appraise the level of influence positivity has on career decision-making, and 3) to provide recommendations on reducing perceived job insecurity during crisis situations. This study will provide insight into future hospitality graduates' career intentions and help mitigate the loss of talents during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

A MIHM hospitality research project conducted by Kok Ann Ng and supervised by Dr. Alexander Trupp and Dr. Charuwan Phongpanichanan

Outcome of dining atmospherics as a factor influencing customer satisfaction at a restaurant in Malaysia

The restaurant business has become increasingly competitive whilst atmospherics remain important in determining the success of a business, especially to create a memorable experience for diners. The purpose of this research is to understand atmospherics as a factor to influence the perceived value of service quality, food quality, and emotion which further have an impact on customer satisfaction. In addition, the study tests the gender moderating effect on these three perceived values on customer satisfaction (Rossi & Krey, 2019). Previous studies considered the design factor as a stimulus influencing individual’s emotions (Baker, 1986) and positive perceptions of the physical environment have shown a positive effect on perceived service quality (Kim and Moon, 2009; Reimer and Kuehn, 2005). The research is based on a case study of The Ame Soeur Restaurant located in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia, and involves the data collection and analysis through online surveys with restaurant customers.

A MIHM hospitality research project conducted by Siow Voon Yong and supervised by Dr Daniel Chong Ka Leong