Why Study Here

Why Study Here

Our school offers high-quality education and training in the hospitality, culinary, and events industries. With innovative teaching methods and state-of-the-art facilities, we equip students with essential skills for success. Our students gain industry exposure through participation in local and international competitions, consistently earning accolades for their talent and expertise.




Industry Engagement

There is a significant emphasis placed on industry engagement, where students get to learn from or work with industry practitioners. By collaborating closely with industry partners and hospitality associations, students are provided with a holistic approach to learning, where they get to witness and explore latest industry practices and advancements. 

Meikai University Student Exchange

International Education Exposure

School of Hospitality and Service Management students have the opportunities to study abroad with our global partner universities. Be it student exchange or articulation programmes, there are a wide range of international exposure that students can opt for.


Affiliation with Le Cordon Bleu

Graduates from certified programmes will receive a degree or diploma award from Sunway University together with parchment from Le Cordon Bleu.

Founded in Paris in the year 1895, Le Cordon Bleu is one of the most highly respected organisations in the world, devoted to the culinary arts and hospitality education. It has prestigious history and is renowned as arugably the most distinguished culinary arts school in the world. It is an organisation which stands for expertise, innovation, tradition and refinement in the culinary arts and for world-class excellence in hospitality education. 

Incentive Tours subject

Student-focussed Experiential Learning

Aligned to the School's emphasis on experiential learning, there is a significant emphasis placed on teaching and learning beyond the traditional confines of a classroom.  

Students are coached and equipped to perform the necessary skills to excel in the hospitality, culinary and events industries. Learning experiences are enhanced through simulations, case studies, field trips, and classroom internationalisation.

WSET-AYS Wine and Sake

Value-added Certificates

Enrich your skillset and advance your career with our industry-focused certifications. The School of Hospitality and Service Management offers valuable certification programmes to enhance students' professional expertise. There are opportunities for students to attain the WSET Certification, designed for individuals aspiring to excel in the hotel, fine dining, airline, and wine trading sectors. Additionally, our food handler training provides participants with a Certificate of Recognition (by the Ministry of Health Malaysia) - a lifelong certification ensuring compliance with industry standards.