School of Hospitality & Service Management Courses



Diploma in Culinary Arts

Headed by an award-winning team of culinary experts, our aim is to produce quality graduates who are not only confident with their culinary skills but also able to communicate fluently, work independently and display leadership qualities that will enhance their credentials in the hospitality and foodservice industries here in Malaysia and globally.

Diploma in Event Management

The Diploma in Event Management ensures students will be grounded with strong fundamental knowledge and practical skills in planning and executing events.

Diploma in Hotel Management

The Diploma in Hotel Management provides you with a solid foundation in hotel operations, planning and managing accommodations as well as food service establishments.


Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Conventions and Events Management

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Conventions and Events Management offers an industry-inspired programme to set you up for a professional career in the event industry.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Culinary Management

The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Culinary Management integrates experiential learning with academic rigour to prepare you for the competitive culinary industry.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in International Hospitality Management

The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in International Hospitality Management is designed to develop global players for the hospitality industry.


Doctor of Philosophy in Hospitality and Tourism

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Hospitality and Tourism at Sunway University is a PhD by research programme. PhD students at the School of Hospitality and Service Management can delve into a research topic which they are passionate about and is relevant to the field. For those pursuing a career in the hospitality field, PhD research can be of…

Master in International Hospitality Management

Hospitality is a growing industry that continually innovates to meet the demands of global customers. As such, this programme is curated to meet the industry's constantly evolving needs. Graduates of the MIHM will be equipped with industry insights, inter-disciplinary knowledge, global management styles and strategic decision-making techniques,…

Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Micro-credential in Accommodation & Revenue Management

The subject provides students with further aspects of accommodation management and revenue strategies, the application of the revenue strategy in managing hotel accommodation changes, issues, and performance both at the front office and accommodation areas.

Micro-credential in Advanced Revenue Management

Revenue Management introduces you to the basics of revenue management in the hotel industry: how to apply pricing and length-of-stay tools and how to measure your revenue management performance. It is designed to inspire you to shift your thinking about revenue ...

Micro-credential in Brand Management for Hospitality Business

This subject aims to offer an advanced knowledge of the concepts and tactics of brand management focusing on the hospitality products and services. It emphasises upon an evaluation of branding from a competitive perspective. Discussion on key success factors for ...

Micro-credential in Business Events

The subject provides an introductory, general underpinning knowledge about the business events industry. It will include management techniques and strategies required for successful event programme planning, budgeting, contracts, marketing, destination site, facility selection ...

Micro-credential in Business of Tourism and Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality industry contributes significantly to a nation’s economy and employs a large number of people. The industry has an ongoing commitment to training in both customer service and technical areas. The curriculum will help to prepare students to step into a wide range of service sectors and to become active stakeholders in…

Micro-credential in Competitive Strategies for Hospitality Business

This subject aims to provide an advanced knowledge and understanding of the concepts and tools for competitive strategy. It focuses upon the evaluation of hospitality business from a competitive perspective within the domestic and international hospitality sectors in ...

Micro-credential in Contemporary Issues in Hospitality

This subject will identify and analyse a range of global and local trends and contemporary issues that are affecting the hospitality and related industries now and into the future. It will critically examine the drivers of change and assess their likely impacts on hospitality businesses ...

Micro-credential in Events Planning and Management

Events have become an increasingly important revenue generating, marketing and branding tool within the hospitality business. As such, this subject highlights the importance of events to a hospitality business. It provides students with theoretical knowledge required to organize a range ...

Micro-credential in Food and Beverage Management

The subject aims to equip students with basic knowledge in all aspects of running and managing a food and beverage outlet concerning with the production of quality goods and services, and what are the scientific methods and tools in ensuring the business operations are ...

Micro-credential in Marketing Innovation in Hospitality Business

In a globalised world and an increasingly competitive marketplace with changing socioeconomic environments, innovation and technological advancements have become vitally important. In order to be successful in today’s hospitality and service industries, a clear and strong strategically ...