Associate Professor Dr Daniel Chong Ka Leong

Daniel Chong

Associate Professor Dr Daniel Chong Ka Leong

  • Acting Dean
SDGs Focus


Associate Professor Dr Daniel Chong possesses over 18 years of experience in hospitality education and training. Holding a Doctorate in Business Administration with a specialisation in branding, he is recognised as a certified corporate trainer, hotelier, sommelier, and barista. Actively engaged in Malaysia's F&B industry through industrial projects and ongoing education initiatives, Dr Chong brings invaluable expertise to the field. With a strong background in management, training, and consultancy within the F&B sector, he has represented leading multinational hotel groups and franchised restaurants. Dr Chong's research contributions encompass sustainable practices, challenges, and opportunities within Asia's tourism, hospitality, and food industries.

Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • DBA, Asia e University, Malaysia (2016)
  • MBA, University of Southern Queensland, Australia (2009)
  • BSc (Hons), University of Toulouse, France (2003)
  • Certified HRDC Trainer, HRDC, Malaysia (2023)
  • Certified Hospitality Trainer, AHLEI, USA (2018)
  • Certified WSET Level 3 and Trainer, WSET, UK (2007)

Research Interests

  • Psychology of Sustainable Behaviour – Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Sustainable Food Service Management
  • Sustainable Food Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Tourism – Heritage, Conservation and Urban Planning
  • Strategic Management – Corporate Strategies and Services Branding

Teaching Areas

  • Competitive strategy
  • Strategic management
  • Food & beverage management
  • Wine studies
  • Beverage studies

Notable Publications


  1. Ka Leong, C., Ching Yung, S. F., Ching Hua, A. Y., & Seow Chyi, L. (2023). Post-pandemic education: Hospitality program revisit. Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism, 1-33.
  2. Chong, D. K. L., & Stephenson, M. L. (2023). Deciphering tourism's auspicious and inauspicious relationships with food and agriculture in Pacific Island states: Identifying problems and solutions. In Routledge Handbook on Tourism and Small Island States in the Pacific (pp. 126-140). Routledge.
  3. Chong, K. L. (2022). Factors affecting the consumers’ embracement of manual self-ordering system (order chit) in restaurants. Journal of Foodservice Business Research, 25(1), 33-56.
  4. Milovanović, V., Chong, K. L. D., & Paunović, M. (2022). Benefits from adopting technologies for the hotel's supply chain management. Menadžment U Hotelijerstvu I Turizmu, 10(2), 91-103.
  5. Atikah, S., Tan, A. L., Trupp, A., Chong, D. K. L., Arni, A. G., & Malar, V. (2022). The emergence of a new religious travel segment: Umrah do it yourself travellers (DIY). GeoJournal of Tourism and Geosites, 40(1), 37-48.
  6. CHONG, K. L., & Io, M. U. (2021). Tour guiding or tour misleading? Multifaceted approach in assessing the standards of cultural tour guiding in Bali Island. e-Review of Tourism Research, 18(4), 525-546.
  7. Chong, K. L. (2020). The side effects of mass tourism: the voices of Bali islanders. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 25(2), 157-169.
  8. Chong, K. L., & Stephenson, M. L. (2020). Deciphering Food Hawkerpreneurship: Challenges and success factors in franchising street food businesses in Malaysia. Tourism and Hospitality Research, 20(4), 493-509.  
  9. Io, M. U., & Chong, D. (2020). Determining residents’ enjoyment of Cantonese opera as their performing arts heritage in Macao. Annals of Leisure Research, 1-1
  10. Chong, D. K. L. (2019). Review of problems in the development of rail tourism in Taiwan, on the example of the Alishan Forest Railway. GeoJournal of Tourism and Geosites, 26(3), 943–955. 

For full list of publications, please go to Google Scholar.

Achievements & Accolades


  1. Award for Excellence in Innovation and Enterprise 2023 awarded by Sunway University    
  2. Student Appreciation of Teaching Award 2020/21 awarded by Sunway University
  3. FRGS Grant Recipient (2019) awarded by the Malaysia’s Ministry of Higher Education
  4. Certified Hospitality Trainer CHT® (2018) awarded by American Hotel and Lodging Education Institute (AHLEI)
  5. Award for Excellence in Teaching 2018 awarded by Sunway University
  6. Student Appreciation of Teaching Award 2018 awarded by Sunway University
  7. Student Appreciation of Teaching Award 2017 awarded by Sunway University
  8. Student Appreciation of Teaching 2015 awarded by Sunway University
  9. Best Coach of the Year 2014 awarded by Nestle Professional in recognizing excellent coaching in F&B Industry
  10. Best Coach of the Year 2012 awarded by Nestle Professional in recognizing excellent coaching in F&B Industry

Professional Associations


  1. National representative (Malaysia), Board Members (2023-25) of APTA (Asia Pacific Tourism Association).  
  2. Ordinary member for TEAM (Tourism Educators Association of Malaysia).