ASEAN Microbiome Nutrition Centre (AMNC)

ASEAN Microbiome Nutrition Centre (AMNC)


ASEAN Microbiome and Nutrition Centre (AMNC) is a new research engine in SE Asia dedicated to prolonging human healthspan by identifying microbial mechanisms regulating biological ageing. It is a bidirectional partnership between Singapore and Malaysia engaging the National Neuroscience Institute of Singapore and Sunway University.

Vision & Mission

  • Identifying microbial mechanisms that regulate biological ageing
  • Validating mechanistic findings by conducting “proof of concept” trials in animal models and human pilot trials
  • Educating healthcare workers and students about the importance of microbe-host interactions and their relevance to human health

AMNC is an international virtual network Centre engaging several Universities and Institutes worldwide and in Singapore.

The Director of AMNC is Prof. Sven Pettersson. The key research activities in Singapore will be based at the S9 building, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore Kent Ridge Campus.

In Malaysia, the key research activities will be based at the Department of Biological Sciences labs, School of Medical and Life Sciences, Sunway University, Sunway City.



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