Sunway Microbiome Centre

Sunway Microbiome Centre



Sunway Microbiome Centre focuses primarily on the research of microbiota in health and disease. We collaborate nationally and internationally with researchers across multiple disciplines to advance microbiome research to unravel how naturally existing microbial species in the digestive system influence the occurrence and progression of a variety of human illnesses and diseases.


To be a globally recognized leader in microbiome research and innovation for the advancement of scientific knowledge and human health and sustainable development.


To conduct world-class microbiome research and innovation that brings value and benefit to industry and society.

To achieve its vision and mission, the centre is committed towards: 

Advanced Research: To unravel the complex microbiome-host-environment interactions. 
Education: To train and nurture a new generation of scientists and researchers specializing in cutting-edge microbiome research. 
Practical Applications: To translate research findings into practical applications, therapies, and interventions for improving human health, supporting relevant industries, and enhancing sustainable development. 
Collaboration: To foster local and global interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships to accelerate knowledge sharing, advancement, and translation of knowledge in microbiome. 
Knowledge Exchange: To function as a hub for knowledge exchange, public engagement, and policy development related to the microbiome.