Organisational Health

Organisational Health



We spend most of our time in an organisational environment – this makes the investigation of health in an organisation crucial. Employers are increasingly aware that apart from a healthy workforce, they also need employees who are positively engaged, socially responsible, and that alignment of employees, work teams, and organisational goals are important for organisational success. Organisational health has implications on the costs and the rise of human capital accounting, and vitally that contributes to business, organizational and personal effectiveness. This priority research area includes these topics:

Changing nature of work on employee’s health and well-being

  • Job uncertainty and job insecurity
  • Role ambiguity and task management during dynamic settings
  • Workers in gig economy

Diversity and Inclusivity at the workplace 

  • Work and workplace design/crafting for employee’s health and effectiveness
  • Autonomy and job crafting

Leadership and organisational climate

  • Asian leadership, formal and informal relationship
  • Multitude role of leadership

Role management and mental health

  • Human resource policies and working mothers
  • Working parents’ family and work roles demands (i.e. single parent, single/dual income earners)