Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing



Malaysia is expected to reach ageing population status by the year 2035, at which point 15% of the total population will be 60 years and older. There is an urgent need to form multi-disciplinary teams to find solutions to meet the needs of older adults. This priority research area includes these topics:

Age-related disorders and diseases

  • Development of biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases, gut-microbiome interactions
  • Identifying anti-aging therapeutics e.g. skin ageing
  • Improving sensory loss from a biological perspective

Good quality of life

  • Developing interventions to improve quality of life e.g. nutrition, social and physical environment
  • Monitoring and assessing cognitive and mental health of the adult population
  • Examining attitudes and stigmas associated with ageing
  • Developing health supplements and therapeutics e.g. through co-crystallisation approach and anticholinesterase properties

Arts and culture perspectives

  • Preserving cultural and heritage legacies “oral histories”

Age-related opportunities and challenges from the economic and government policy standpoint

  • Contributing to national and local social policies on ageing and age-friendly cities
  • Examining health economics e.g. healthcare, financial literacy and well-being
  • Retirement planning