Eco-Health is an emerging field of study that investigates changes in the biological, physical, social and economic environments, all of which have implications on human health. Eco-Health brings together ecologists, social scientists, agricultural scientists, physicians and landscape/urban planners to provide innovative, practical solutions to reduce or reverse the negative health effects of ecosystem change – this is vital for the improvement of public health. This priority research area includes these topics:

Ecology and conservation of Malaysian biodiversity

  • Ecology and population genetics of Malayan sun bear and otters
  • Durian pollination ecology
  • Impacts of fogging on insect biodiversity
  • Biodiversity study of terrestrial and aquatic vegetation in restored urban environments

Nature-based climate solutions

  • Developing green financing mechanisms for forest conservation
  • Effect of climate thresholds on ecosystem services
  • Developing a unified climate database for Malaysia
  • Isolation of novel DNA polymerases from thermophilic organisms in Malaysian hot springs

Bioprospecting of novel compounds and genes from native biodiversity

Green chemistry

Plastic pollution