Spotlight on Research

Saudi Arabia's COVID-19 Crisis Communication

Dive into the Saudi Ministry of Health's strategic use of Twitter amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Statistical Inferences: Transforming Data into Sustainable Solutions

In a dynamic SDG Talk, Dr Wooi Chen Khoo unveils the transformative power of statistical modelling in sustainable development. She illuminates the vital role of statistical analysis and data-driven insights in propelling us toward a more sustainable future.

Preserving Traditional Arts and Crafts

Discover the rich tapestry of Malaysia’s traditional arts and crafts, from mesmerising performances to exquisite visual arts.

Attention, Tourism Workers: Rights Awareness Matters!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry in Malaysia experienced significant job losses, which affected 3.6 million employees. A study revealed that many workers were not formally retrenched but indirect causes such as pay cuts and unpaid leave led to voluntary resignations.

Advancing Bus Travel: Predicting Travel Time and Improving Service Reliability

Sunway University and Universiti Tuan Andul Rahman (UTAR) collaborated with RapidKL to develop a model predicting bus section travel time with point and interval estimations, yielding promising results for bus service reliability.

ChatGPT: The New AI Travel Companion

This article explores the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI), particularly ChatGPT, on the tourism and hospitality industry. While ChatGPT offers numerous benefits, such as improved customer satisfaction, reduced costs, and increased revenue through personalised recommendations…

Tourism under Climate Crisis in Asia

The study of how Asian tourism contributes to climate change is crucial for meeting the terms of the UN Climate Change Conference's and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Despite recent efforts, there is still much research to be done in this area. A new paper examines the risks posed by…

Contemporary Tools for Artsy Planners

Research tools such as surveys, spatial analysis, social media analytics, and art walks are increasingly used in art implementation to better understand the impact of public art projects on communities and urban environments. These tools benefit artists, urban planners, and city officials in making…

The Human Particles of Planetary Health

Smart cities aim at enhancing the living standards of their citizens by making use of advanced technologies to innovate various sectors. The optimisation algorithms are widely used in applications relating to smart cities (e.g. routing and estimation). Optimised swarm-intelligence algorithms such…

Food Waste Endangers Everyone: What Can Be Done About It?

Food waste continues to be an alarming problem for the world and very significantly in Malaysia. Without proper education and awareness, the general public continues to increase food waste.

Balancing 5G Technology for Sustainability

This article introduces 5G, a new trend in networking, the challenges faced in its deployment, the energy efficiency issue, and how to reduce energy consumption by having a sleep-wake mechanism approach among the base stations. 

The Southeast Asia Housing Affordability Symposium 2022

The Sunway Institute for Global Strategy and Competitiveness and the School of Mathematical Sciences, Sunway University co-organised a virtual Southeast Asia Housing Affordability Symposium that brought together stakeholders from the industry, academia, policymakers, and the general public to dive…