Loke Jun Ren: Believe, and You’re Halfway There

Loke Jun Ren

For Jun Ren, the three years spent at Sunway University flew by in a whirlwind of academic rigour. Completing the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in International Business, an AACSB Accredited program, was a milestone in his educational journey. But what led him to choose this path?

Motivated by a passion for global business and a clear vision of his career aspirations, Jun Ren knew that working with multinational corporations or international organisations was his goal. The program at Sunway University was a strategic step towards realising these ambitions, offering a blend of academic challenges and practical lessons that extended beyond the classroom.

Sunway University’s distinctive approach to education, which caters to various learning styles through diverse methods, stood out to Jun Ren. His learning experience was not confined to a classroom's four walls but profoundly integrated into his daily life and activities. Sunway University offers a holistic and dynamic educational experience. The curriculum was designed to be interactive and engaging, incorporating case studies, group projects, and real-world simulations that challenged students to apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. This hands-on approach ensured that learning was not just an academic exercise but a preparation for real-world challenges.

A pivotal part of his education was the Entrepreneurship Module. This course opened his eyes to different business models and allowed him to craft a comprehensive business plan that was unique and market-ready. This endeavour ignited his entrepreneurial spirit, driving him to consider launching his own business with a team of partners. The Human Resource Management Module further equipped him with essential team leadership and mentoring skills, which are critical for business growth and organisational objectives.

Jun Ren’s academic journey was marked by numerous opportunities from multinational organisations offering internships and job openings. This recognition highlighted the esteemed reputation of Sunway University, which is known for producing graduates who are well-prepared for the global market. His role as a Human Resource Intern at KPMG Malaysia was particularly impactful, where he managed intern recruitment and onboarding processes and represented the firm in various capacities. This role honed his understanding of the HR department’s pivotal role in supporting other sectors within a multinational company. It enhanced his presentation skills, helping him uphold the organisation’s reputation.

Beyond academics, Jun Ren held a prestigious position as the President and Student Advisor of the Sunway Business School Student Concilium for two consecutive years. In this leadership role, he learned that effective leadership goes beyond delegating tasks; it involves setting a positive example and demonstrating strong decision-making skills. He regularly represented student concerns to the university management, fostering a stronger bond between the administration and the student body. The Concilium was dedicated to enhancing the Sunway community’s opportunities and advancing the university’s reputation.

The Concilium organised significant events, such as the Alumni Entrepreneurship sessions, where students learned firsthand from Sunway alums about their business journeys and industry challenges. These sessions were invaluable for aspiring entrepreneurs. The annual "Million Invendify Sunway Business Pitching Competition," in collaboration with CPA Australia, encouraged creativity and business ideation, providing students with a platform to present their innovative ideas to judges and potential investors.

Navigating his academic journey, Jun Ren was deeply grateful to Associate Professor Dr. Shehnaz Tehseen, his program leader. Her unwavering support and dedication to mentorship were pivotal in his success, guiding him to graduate with distinction.

University life at Sunway was filled with lasting friendships, memorable events, and valuable lessons. As Jun Ren prepares for the next chapter, he carries the knowledge, skills, and unwavering support from his family, lecturers, and friends. His commitment to continuous development ensures he is ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities ahead and is confident in his ability to succeed globally.