Yau Heng Hua: A Story of Limitless Potential

Yau Heng Hua: A Story of Limitless Potential

Yau Heng Hua, fondly known as Henry, is a shining example of the potential unleashed by Sunway's BSc (Hons) Information Technology program. Graduating in 2021, Henry's journey from a Sunway student to a Technical Consultant at Delaware Consulting epitomises dedication, resilience, and the transformative power of education.

Henry's passion for IT was evident from a young age, and Sunway's comprehensive curriculum provided the perfect environment for his ambitions. "The broad syllabus offered a variety of skills applicable to any IT specialisation," Henry explains. This strong foundation in programming, databases, and networking proved essential as he embarked on his career. "The fundamental programming skills and IT knowledge I gained were highly relevant," he shares, recalling how his solid foundation helped him quickly adapt to a new programming language during his first internship.

University life presented its own set of challenges. Adapting to dorm life tested Henry's resilience, as it was an entirely new experience for him. He credits his friends and family for their unwavering support during these times. Sunway's student-friendly campus also played a crucial role. "The library's extended hours were a big help, providing a conducive environment for studying," Henry reminisces. He fondly remembers the vibrant campus life, with activities and opportunities to connect with friends.

Henry's career took a significant leap during his internship at Delaware Consulting. Despite initially struggling with confidence during interviews, his talent and hard work secured him a permanent position. As part of the Emerging Technologies team, Henry explored areas like robotic process automation, low-code development, and Generative AI applications. His contributions led to successful client projects, earning him recognition and promotions.

Henry's IT expertise extends beyond his professional role. He volunteers his knowledge to the Young Lives Development Centre NGO, aiming to improve the lives of disadvantaged youths. "Through my brother Douglas, I am associated with the NGO. My IT knowledge allows me to offer insights and advice on their digital transformation initiatives," he explains.

Reflecting on his journey, Henry emphasises the importance of communication and project management skills nurtured at Sunway. "These skills and technical expertise are crucial for career advancement," he advises. Balancing work and personal life is another crucial lesson. "The pandemic highlighted the need for boundaries," he reflects. Henry also shared how an understanding supervisor helped him manage work stress during that challenging time, illustrating good communication's role in a team.

For aspiring Sunwayians, Henry offers heartfelt advice: "Believe in yourself, make good friends, don't hesitate to speak up, and prioritise your well-being." Henry's story inspires current and future Sunway students, demonstrating the transformative power of education and the potential to impact the world significantly.