Yuen How Ping - Bridging Success Across Entertainment, Marketing, and Cheerleading

Yuen How Ping - Bridging Success Across Entertainment, Marketing, and Cheerleading

Graduating with a Diploma in Business Administration and a BSc (Hons) in Business Studies, my active involvement in cheerleading as both a participant and coach significantly enriched my university experience.

My decision to pursue this program was deeply influenced by my father's entrepreneurial legacy at Chin & Ng Communication, a renowned telecommunication service provider in Port Klang. Witnessing his dedication to quality products and exceptional service, I aspired to emulate his success, thus selecting this program with the hope of one day achieving similar heights.

The program provided me with a practical understanding of fundamental business concepts and honed my communication skills, essential for navigating the professional landscape. Crafting presentation slides during coursework significantly bolstered my confidence in client interactions, directly benefiting my current role in Sales & Marketing at Dreamax Elite Management. Moreover, the emphasis on group work instilled in me the importance of teamwork and effective communication, skills indispensable in today's workplace dynamics.

Besides, the program equipped me with invaluable skills applicable to both personal and professional spheres. Entrepreneurial concepts, effective communication, decision-making, and teamwork have been instrumental in my success at Dreamax Elite Management, fostering innovation and facilitating successful client interactions. Emphasis on adaptability and resilience has enabled me to navigate challenges with confidence.

My time at Sunway University was transformative, providing a supportive environment conducive to academic and personal growth. Engaging in diverse activities allowed me to forge lasting connections and maximize my university experience. Gratitude is owed to my mentors Dr. Alex Chang, Dr. Siti Aqilah Jahari, and Dr. Derek Ong, whose guidance and impactful teaching enriched my academic journey.

Outside of academics and work commitments, I am deeply passionate about cheerleading, dedicating time to practices, team activities, and competition preparations. Additionally, I maintain an active lifestyle through activities such as coaching, enjoying movies, and spending quality time with friends, enriching my university experience.

Among the cherished memories from my university experience is my time with the Sunway University Cheerleading team. From exhilarating competitions in various countries to representing Team Malaysia and Team Sunway, each event contributed to a sense of achievement and camaraderie. The collaborative spirit within the cheerleading community, coupled with unwavering support from my coaches like Coach Kai Ling and Jin Long, remains unforgettable.

My career trajectory in entertainment and talent management was not initially planned but rather discovered organically through genuine interest and seizing opportunities presented during internships. My journey from internships to my current position at Dreamax Elite Management has been marked by invaluable learning experiences. Working as a PR and Sales Executive at Pong Pong Entertainment provided insights into the competitive influencer marketing and entertainment industry. Each challenge encountered along the way served as a stepping stone for growth, refining my skills and approach to adapt to diverse environments.
My notable achievements include collaborating with over 90 renowned brands, facilitating successful partnerships, and enhancing brand growth by promoting my artists, talents as well as content creators in 2 years. I coordinated various services such as influencer marketing, talent management, live performances, music and music video production and so on.

Among my proudest achievements is the facilitation of sponsorships, brands’ campaigns, commercial shoots and other opportunities, for artists/content creators, contributing significantly to their growth and amplifying their social media presence. These efforts align with my goal of helping clients gain exposure through engaging content and fostering successful partnerships with various brands and agencies.

Rooted in ethical principles ingrained during the program, I prioritize conscientious decision-making in partnerships and collaborations, ensuring alignment with societal values and a positive contribution to the community. This commitment extends beyond professional endeavours to personal growth, fostering empathy and social responsibility. All in all, Sunway University played a pivotal role in shaping my personal and professional growth, providing a solid foundation in business studies and instilling essential skills necessary for future endeavours.

In today's fast-paced work environment, emphasis should be placed on developing essential skills such as effective communication, problem-solving abilities, and teamwork are the skills or knowledge that I think young people nowadays should develop to navigate challenges and succeed professionally.

My message I have for the next generation of Sunwayians is to embrace the unique journey at Sunway University, seize growth opportunities, forge meaningful connections, and carry forward the values of excellence and innovation into the future. I also hope that they can embark on this adventure with an open heart and a determination to create a future reflecting the best of Sunway. Wishing all the Sunwayians a fulfilling journey ahead.


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