Charting Educational Excellence

Charting Educational Excellence

In January, the School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) embarked on a transformative Academic Excursion, focusing on the intricacies of Outcome-Based Education (OBE). This seminar aimed to enhance the understanding of learning taxonomies, refine course learning outcomes, and explore innovative assessment methods.

Learning Taxonomies: A Deeper Dive into Educational Frameworks
SMS faculty members conducted sessions exploring various learning taxonomies, covering theoretical foundations such as Bloom's Taxonomy, Anderson and Krathwohl's Revised Taxonomy, and Fink's Significant Learning. These discussions provided practical insights into effectively applying these taxonomies in teaching and learning. Understanding learning taxonomies is crucial for educators, as it helps align teaching strategies with desired learning outcomes, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive educational experience for students.

Subject Learning Outcomes: Crafting a Purposeful Educational Journey
Most of the seminar was dedicated to crafting meaningful Subject Learning Outcomes (SLOs). Participants engaged in interactive sessions to refine existing SLOs and develop new ones for their courses, emphasising the creation of SMART outcomes. This exercise provided a structured framework for enhancing the quality of education at Sunway University. Aligning SLOs with broader curriculum goals ensures that students acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, preparing them for professional challenges.

Assessment Methods: Nurturing Holistic Evaluation Practices
The seminar also explored innovative assessment methods, introducing participants to techniques beyond traditional exams to encourage holistic evaluation. Discussions covered formative and summative assessments, project-based assessments, and technology integration in evaluation processes. The seminar culminated in a hands-on session where participants filled in Table 4, a practical tool for revising and aligning course elements, ensuring coherence in course synopses, learning outcomes, and assessment methods.

Looking Ahead: Empowering Educators for a Dynamic Future
The Academic Excursions provided a rich platform for the School of Mathematical Sciences to engage with the principles of Outcome-Based Education. The insights gained from this seminar empower the University’s educators to enhance the quality and relevance of academic programs. Moving forward, SMS is committed to incorporating these learnings into teaching practices, continually evolving to meet the dynamic needs of students and the broader educational community. This commitment will contribute to the holistic development of students, positioning them for long-term success in an ever-changing world.


Associate Professor Dr Jason Ng Wei Jian
School of Mathematical Sciences
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