Statistical Data Modelling: Unveiling Tomorrow's Statisticians

Statistical Data Modelling

The Department of Applied Statistics at the School of Mathematical Sciences announces a significant transition, transforming our undergraduate programme from Industrial Statistics to Statistical Data Modelling. This is not just a renaming or rebranding exercise. This change reflects our commitment to staying ahead of industry demands and technological progressions. Our dedication to providing students with a comprehensive education that mirrors real-world statistical applications drives this transformation.

Rationale for Change
The strategic renaming underscores our resolve to stay abreast of industry shifts and technological innovations. Statistical Data Modelling encapsulates our dedication to preparing students for the dynamic data landscape.

Alignment with Industry Dynamics
Feedback from external industry stakeholders resoundingly endorsed the name change, validating our approach. The revised title accurately mirrors our programme's focus on cutting-edge statistical data modelling practices.

Addressing Industry Needs
In an era defined by data, effective modelling and analysis are paramount. Our programme's evolution ensures students have the tools to thrive in diverse data-driven industries.

What the Programme Offers
Statistical Data Modelling provides a robust foundation in statistical theory alongside practical data modelling skills. Students emerge ready to tackle the complexities of real-world data scenarios.

Feedback from Industry Experts
Industry experts lauded the name change, affirming its alignment with contemporary industry demands. Their endorsement highlights the programme's relevance and timeliness.

Looking Ahead
We anticipate that the revised programme will surpass student expectations and empower them to excel in their careers. Together, we can shape the future of statistical data analysis.

The Department's transition to Statistical Data Modelling signifies a proactive response to industry needs and technological advancements. With endorsement from industry stakeholders and experts, the program equips students for success in the evolving data-driven landscape, ensuring a promising future in statistical data analysis.

Associate Professor Dr Jason Ng Wei Jian
School: School of Mathematical Sciences
Sunway Email: @email