Spotlight on Teaching

Demystifying and Elevating the Role of Biotechnologists

The Malaysian government has played a crucial role in growing and developing the biological sciences industry for over three decades. With a strong and sustainable eco-system that includes foreign and local players, companies, medical device developers, and clinical trial organizations, to name a…

Deloitte: Techtrends & What You Need to Know

Sunway University College students were recently exposed to how software applications and integrated systems influence global commerce at Deloitte: TechTrends & What You Need To Know.

How Psychology Majors Can Add Value To Your Workforce

Studying psychology can be very rewarding and exciting, promising bright futures for graduates. Covering many aspects of science and mathematics, it is not as ‘subjective’ as most would think but a lot more than that.   

Preparing BSc Industrial Statistics Graduates with Professional Certifications

The BSc Industrial Statistics students have opportunities to upskill themselves by taking part in the SAS Preparatory Courses (SPC) which are highly recommended.  The SPC prepares students to sit for exams offered by SAS, leading to the SAS Certified Data Scientist qualification award.  

Nurturing Future Talents: A Focus on Character-Education in Universities

Talent is everywhere but talent with empathy is often harder to come by. Character education has recently been identified as a crucial trait for effective leaders which plays a vital role in the 6 priorities for CEOs as found in the 25th Annual Global Survey of CEOs by Pricewaterhouse Coopers.

Pre-Reading: Increasing Students’ Absorption and Understanding Lectures During Classes

Putting away the handphones, laptops and all other digital distractions, and one might be puzzled that following any lectures, one may only understand or absorb perhaps 30% of the information delivered by the lecturer. 

How Adobe Illustrator Could be Taught Online

Ever since the pandemic hit, teaching has been forced to go online. It has been challenging but somehow with the advancement in technology, the use of ZOOM as a teaching tool has made it easier for students to learn Adobe Illustrator online. 

Should University Students be Encouraged to Work?

University students with part-time employment are not uncommon although it is often associated with financial necessity or lifestyle choices. There are often concerns that part-time work could lead to a decline in academic performance. However, work can also enhance character-building and other…

Sustainable Engineering Design

Engineering professionals design the world and innovate to create our future. 

Critiquing Creativity, Creatively

Shifting from physical to online classes has proven to be very challenging, especially in the creative fields. However, educators have been quick to adapt and adopt where the results have been nothing short of amazing, offering new learning methods that are effective and highly engaging. 

Benefits of Immediacy in Communication for First-Year Undergraduate Students 

This article shares the teaching practices on immediacy and explores ways in which immediacy can be applied for improvement in the areas of student cognition, motivation, and performance.