The AR Revolution in Consumer Emotions

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In a world where technology converges with emotion, augmented reality (AR) emerges as a captivating enigma influencing consumer choices. This research by Sunway University’s Dr Soon Pei Shan and colleagues delves into a comprehensive study exploring the intricate dance of emotions within the realm of AR, shedding light on theoretical nuances and practical implications.

Theoretical Implications
The journey begins by venturing into uncharted territory, applying a multicomponent model inspired by Scherer's framework. Expressive, affective, and physiological dimensions of emotions are meticulously dissected, challenging the conventional focus on singular affective variables. Notably, positive emotions, identified as powerful motivators, take centre stage. The research maps a sequence of emotion elicitation, revealing the expressive component as the initial trigger, paving the way for subsequent affective and physiological features.

Practical Implications
For developers and marketers navigating this terrain, the study unfolds a playbook for crafting resonating AR experiences. Acknowledging the paramount role of positive expressive emotions, the article suggests a strategic focus on eliciting wonder and surprise in consumers. Insights from the study extend to user experience and interface considerations, urging precision in design and natural movements of virtual elements. The imperative to minimise negative emotions introduces a feedback-driven approach, emphasising continuous improvement for enhanced consumer engagement.

While ground-breaking, the study acknowledges limitations, primarily in the scope of examined AR apps and the need for diversified samples. Future research avenues are illuminated, including exploring third-party AR apps, additional emotional components, and the nuanced dynamics of mediators influencing the desire to use AR. The call for field experiments offers a pragmatic path to validate findings in natural contexts, ensuring robust and externally valid results.

In conclusion, the "Unlocking Desire" research project not only demystifies the emotional intricacies of AR but also provides a compass for navigating its uncharted potential. Bridging theory and practice, the article invites readers into a realm where emotions shape the future of consumer interactions. As AR redefines marketing landscapes, this exploration is a cornerstone in understanding the emotional symphony orchestrating consumer choices.


Dr Soon Pei Shan
Sunway Business School
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 This article has been adapted from Pei-Shan Soon, Weng Marc Lim & Sanjaya Singh Gaur (2023), The role of emotions in augmented reality, DOI: 10.1002/mar.21884