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Aromatherapy at Workplace

Have you ever wondered why you feel relaxed and energized the moment you stepped into a spa?

Crowd Management at Mega Events: Lessons Learned and Preventions

In October 2022, the world witnessed two deadly large-scale events from Asia. Anticipating a higher level of excitements from event attendees in the post-pandemic era, there must be efficient crowd management to prevent such incidences. This article discusses several strategies that event operators…

Campus with a Conscience

Inspiring people to aspire to do good for themselves, their communities and the planet as a whole and be part of the generation that decided to make a difference.

The Power of Suggestion: Simple Tips for Daily Life

The concern that one should have while providing suggestions is whether one has an in-depth understanding of both the 'science of suggestion' and 'auto-suggestion’. This article depicts the power of suggestions by providing some real-life examples of the situation in which suggestions take place.  

Blockchain Applications in Healthcare

Blockchain has proven itself as an emerging technology which may result in total business transformation for diverse industries such as finance, healthcare, education, supply chain management, etc. This article discusses the different applications of blockchain in healthcare. 

How to Optimise Room Rates for Better Returns

In this article, the author identifies strategies that hoteliers can implement to attain higher returns while keeping the rates appealing to customers. These methods include forecasting daily, offering the best rate with value, strategising pricing, defining online market rates and digitalising…

The Bittersweet Story Behind BOTC’s Success

More often than not, one does not truly understand or ever imagine the tremendous pressure that chefs face while working in the kitchen. Chef Fadillah, Chef Akma and Chef Kiong share the challenges they faced in getting ready for the BOTC competition. 

Shaping the Future of Events With Innovative ‘Disruptions’

One of the most exciting updates is the emerging phenomenon of the metaverse in leisure and business events. Though the adoption of the metaverse in events is still evolving, Forbes magazine reported that the metaverse is the scaled version of multiple virtual environments and will continue to…

Think-cell for Professional Presentations

think-cell is a PowerPoint add-in that helps you efficiently create insightful visualizations of complex data for professional presentations.

Machine Learning 5G Operations in HetNet

Wireless networks are growing due to the high demand for capacity and coverage. Wireless technologies are deployed to provide high-speed and pervasive services in 5G. However, growing wireless devices results in more interference that degrades the Quality of Service (QoS). This research explores on…

Let’s Meet – Don’t Shy Away!

Dr Padma Pillai shares how face-to-face communication encapsulates the new paradigm in a virtual setting heightening meetings and communications at the workplace.

Six Workable Strategies to Winning Design Competitions

Wincen Foong, a Teaching Fellow at the Sunway University Department of Art, Design…