Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Micro-credential in Applied Statistics

Statistics is now an indispensable tool in the analysis of both scientific and business data. Statistical techniques are essential tools in business analytics and data mining. This unit introduces students to advanced statistical techniques that will enable them to study and analyse problems and then choose the appropriate technique to employ. 

Micro-credential in Biodiversity

The overall course objective is for students to gain an understanding of the ecological and evolutionary basis of biodiversity, to compare the relative contributions of environment and history on biodiversity dynamics, and to highlight important links between biodiversity, environmental health and human wellbeing. Special consideration is given to…

Micro-credential in Computer Mathematics Fundamentals

This subject introduces students to fundamental concepts in mathematics and statistics which are necessary in computer science and software engineering. Students will be able to cover equations, functions, graphs, series, differentiation, integration, probability, and data descriptions.

Micro-credential in Corporate Sustainability Strategies

Corporate Sustainability Strategies is a course that explores the crucial role played by corporations in sustainable development. It focuses on the responsibilities of businesses to the environment and society, and how they can contribute to advancing sustainable development goals. This course is essential for individuals in the corporate sector…

Micro-credential in Earth’s Climate System

This course explores components of the Earth's environmental systems and how they interact to form the Earth's climate. The topics covered include the sources of energy, weather and atmospheric forces, ocean chemistry and circulations, climate systems; past and present, and the influence of human activity on Earth's climate system. This course…

Micro-credential in Economics of Sustainability Management

Economics of Sustainability Management covers economic theory and practice for sustainable dynamic growth, identifying drivers of growth, income distribution, and social welfare dimensions.

Micro-credential in Finance & Sustainability

Finance & Sustainability is a course that integrates finance and sustainability by teaching students finance tools and principles for analyzing and valuing sustainable businesses. As financial decisions are increasingly affected by climate change and resource scarcity, this course is important for students to understand how environmental and…

Micro-credential in Global Digital Talent - Part 1

This course targets those who are keen to be Digital Entrepreneurs. This course provides the essential elements pertaining to the area of electronic commerce together with its implications for the commercial macro and micro digital economy environment.

Micro-credential in Global Digital Talent - Part 2

This course is aimed at those participants who are interested in setting up their own businesses and better understanding the digital landscape.

Micro-credential in Governance in Sustainable Development

Governance in Sustainable Development delves into the complexities of governance in sustainable development, examining the interactions between state institutions and stakeholders.

Micro-credential in Introduction to Statistics

Statistics has the tools to solve even the most complicated problems within an organization. This subject will introduce students to statistical techniques that will enable them to study a problem, put forward a hypothesis, collect data, analyse the data and put forward a solution with a probability assessment attached to it. The critical skills…

Micro-credential in Networking Principles

This course aims to provide students with a basic understanding of networking terms and the skills to be able to plan and set up the network infrastructure for homes and small businesses. The topics include basic concepts and technologies of transmission and communication, networking hardware, standards, networking topologies, protocols, and…

Micro-credential in Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals

This subject charts a general overview of the basic ideas and the fundamental concepts of Object-Oriented Programming.  Students will learn problem-solving skills and appreciate the significance of Object-Oriented Programming.

Micro-credential in Pre-Calculus

Pre-calculus introduces students to an in-depth study of functions and a review of the foundation of algebraic, geometric, and trigonometric fundamentals. It prepares students for Calculus with an emphasis on functions. Trigonometry is essential not only in Calculus but also in modelling real world scientific and technical problems, where one…

Micro-credential in Principles of Sociology

This course is targeted at high school leavers. It introduces students to some basic concepts and theories in order to understand our society and ourselves.  It enables us to see how behaviour is largely shaped by the group or organization to which we belong and the society in which we live.  Topics included in the course are culture,…

Micro-credential in Smart Technology and Internet of Things (IoT)

This course aims to provide learners with an understanding of the fundamentals of smart technology and how it may be used to solve real-world problems in a sustainable way or to achieve sustainability. The course’s focus will be to impart an understanding of technology’s roles and allow learners to assess and recommend the best solutions for…

Micro-credential in Social Entrepreneurship & Development

Social Entrepreneurship & Development covers the essential steps of designing, developing, and supporting a social enterprise. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the commercial and social aspects, stakeholder concerns, and customer problems faced by targeted communities.

Micro-credential in Startup Foundry

A learn-by-doing course using design thinking and entrepreneurship methodology. In this course, students will develop a “growth mindset”, which includes problem solving skills and the creation of feasible solutions to problem statements that have significant economic value and/or meaningful impact on society. Students will be working in teams on…

Micro-credential in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

This course focuses on the contemporary issues of land-based economic development and food security with priorities given to developing countries and deforestation frontiers. It aims to provide an analytical framework to explore and assess the various strategies in transforming the agriculture systems in ecological, social, and economic aspects in…

Micro-credential in Sustainable Forestry

This course provides an overview of sustainable forestry practices and their economic implications. Students will learn about the different forest ecosystems in Malaysia, their current status, and the services they provide.

Micro-credential in Sustainable Management and Operations

Sustainable Management and Operations (SMO) emphasizes a sustainability angle in traditional operations management teaching, recognizing the hierarchy of importance between the environment, society, and governance.

Micro-credential in Sustainable Waste Management

Sustainable Waste Management covers the latest trends and technologies in waste management, including Extended Producer Responsibility, the Circular Economy, and Zero Waste. Students will learn about biological, physical, chemical, and thermal treatments for different types of waste, as well as the management of emissions.


5-Day Young Innovators Bootcamp

Young Innovators Bootcamp is a programme that aims to instill entrepreneurial thinking into young executives. The young executives will learn to work with their fellow colleagues in teams to inspire, build and launch a new idea contributing toward achieving their company’s vision.

Short Course in Digital Transformation

The objective of this course is to provide an overview of available technology, and guide participants to go through a reflection process on how technology can improve existing business processes thus leading to the digital transformation of a business.

Short Course in Effective Business Writing, Email And Minutes Writing

Effective Business Writing, Email and Minutes Writing offers learners an opportunity to develop advanced, practical English writing skills applicable to workplace communication settings specifically in the areas of crafting emails, minutes and reports.

Short Course in Effective Communicative English

Communication in the workplace is an essential component in operating in an efficient and proficient team. Recognizing this, Effective Communicative English is a course designed to develop more effective communication skills in English, expanding on the fundamental principles of communicating with clarity and confidence.

Short Course in IoT Fundamentals and Applications

The world is moving towards the Artificial Intelligence (AI) era. One of the essential technologies that powers the AI era is the Internet of Things (IoT). This course presents to the participants the fundamentals and broad understanding in IoT and its applications.